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Masters in Policy Economics

Masters Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Policy Economics at Tulane University integrates economic analysis and quantitative methods in a program of study designed for practitioners. Successful students will be prepared to enter the job market with a set of analytical skills designed for economic policy analysis. Whereas a Ph.D. in economics is a research degree, the M.A. in Policy Economics provides a curriculum of applied analysis and quantitative techniques better suited for the practitioner of economics.

This program provides students with a deep and broad exposure to the analytical methods of modern economics that can be applied to policy settings, without requiring the advanced mathematics training that is only essential to academic researchers. The program builds on the strengths of the bachelor's degrees in Economics at Tulane by increasing the required number of economics courses and expanding their rigor and depth. In courses offered jointly with the undergraduates, M.A. students are held to higher academic standards and are generally assigned supplementary research work. Successful students can expect to complete at least seven applied projects in the course of earning the M.A. degree.