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Michael Kuczynski
Michael P. Kuczynski, Associate Professor and
Chair of the Department of English

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the Tulane English Department! Writing and the study of literature have been at the heart of human history for millennia and continue, in the twenty-first century, to shape character and culture. The English Department is a diverse community of scholar-teachers, dedicated to spreading the word about writers who, in all their variety, transform our world. Whether you are interested in learning about literature or in becoming a writer yourself, the Tulane English Department is the place to start. As the great African-American writer, James Baldwin, observed in an interview, “The point of writing is showing, not describing or telling.” Vist our main office in Norman Mayer Hall (Room 122). Take courses with us, or major or minor in English. You’ll find the experience to be, as James Baldwin might say, a revelation.

Michael Kuczynski, Professor and Chair, Tulane/English