The Department of English at Tulane University is committed to training scholars at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the skills of critical reading, writing and research. We offer courses in English and American literature, Anglophone literature and World literature in translation. We also offer courses in various theoretical approaches and methodologies used in the study of literature.

At the undergraduate level, we offer students the option of concentrating in particular areas as they work toward completing the major. Six concentrations are available:

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Literature, Culture, and Community
  • Global Literature and Comparative Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Self-designed

In addition, the department provides opportunities to put knowledge and skills to work in service learning and internship experiences in New Orleans and beyond.

At the graduate level, the department offers two M.A. programs, one for Tulane undergraduate English majors (the 4+1 M.A. program) and one for English majors with B.A. degrees from other institutions (the external M.A. program). The M.A. programs are designed to provide students with an understanding of the profession of literary studies, advanced techniques in literary scholarship, and the application of research methodologies and critical interpretative skills to careers outside literary study.