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Grad Student Resources

Useful Contacts

  1. Michael Cunningham
    Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research

  2. Jennifer O'Brien
    Program Manager, OGPS

    Jennifer O'Brien functions as an ombudsman, and is on hand to help resolve grievances or direct students to where they can get help.

  3. Briana Mohan
    Senior Academic and Career Advisor, OGPS

    Briana Mohan gives seminars almost once a week during the semester on various issues relevant to students' academic and post-graduation careers. Seminars and workshops include career issues for international students, networking, teaching statements, and career exploration, among other subjects. The schedule for those workshops can be found on the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

  4. Ann Schumacher
    Director of Graduate Admissions, School of Liberal Arts

The OGPS policies page includes a number of policies, including the Unified Code of Academic Conduct, Childbirth Leave Policy, and Graduate Assistant Policy, all of which should help students if they believe they have a complaint, as well as to generally plan out their careers.

Political Science Graduate Handbook