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Information for Incoming Tulane Graduate Students 2018-2019

We are delighted to welcome you to the School of Liberal Arts graduate program and want to make your transition to life as a graduate student at Tulane as easy as possible. Before your classes begin there are a few very important things that every new Tulane student must do and several forms that all new students must complete (most completed on-line). Some of these forms require information that may take some time for you to obtain so it is advisable to review and begin completing these forms in early June and have everything completed if possible by the first week of August. Below is a step by step summary, followed by a detailed explanation of each step necessary to complete your enrollment and begin receiving stipend checks (if applicable). Please read every section carefully and follow each step that is applicable to you:


Before Arriving on Tulane Campus:

  1. Students on Visa – Complete the Foreign Admission Data and Fund (FADF) Verification Form and e-mail back to the graduate director in the School of Liberal Arts Office of Graduate Programs Office. This form will be e-mailed to you several weeks after you accept the admission offer. Schedule a Visa appointment for a date after you expect to receive your I-20 (or DS-2109) from Tulane
  2. Send final, official transcripts with degree earned to: Director of Graduate Programs, School of Liberal Arts, Newcomb Hall Room 102, New Orleans, LA 70118, if not already done so. If you have already sent an official transcript that indicates all final degrees earned when you applied, it is not necessary to send another one.
  3. Obtain your immunization records, complete and submit the on-line immunization form to Campus Health Center.
  4. Contact Office of Housing at Tulane for information on Tulane affiliated or non-Tulane affiliated housing.
  5. Register for classes through Gibson OnLine.
  6. Check your Tulane e-mail periodically for messages from the University.

  7. A fellowship, teaching or research assistantship is considered a “job” by the University for payroll purposes so in order to receive your stipend payment you will have to complete the “hiring process” and all the documents/forms required for a student starting a new job. The Hiring Documents and detailed instructions will be e-mailed to you from sometime between mid-June and mid-July. Please complete and submit these documents on-line by the deadline in the detailed instructions listed in the Payroll section below.
  8. NOTE: You must have a U.S. bank account in order to begin receiving your stipend payments. IF you do not have a U.S. bank account you will not be able to submit the completed Hiring Documents until you arrive in the U.S. and get a U.S. bank account. This could delay the start of your stipend payments until the second pay date depending on when you obtain the bank account and submit the forms.

After you arrive on Tulane campus:

  1. If you are a student on a Visa, check in with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to activate your immigration record as soon as possible after you arrive in New Orleans.
  2. If have a fellowship, teaching or research assistantship and do not have a U.S. bank account, get a U.S. bank account then immediately complete the on-line Hiring Forms e-mailed to you over the summer.
  3. If you have a fellowship, teaching or research assistantship, bring your I-9 identification documents (as described in the Hiring Documents) to the Human Resources/Student Employment Office on Broadway or present these documents to a Human Resources representative at the Orientation.
  4. Attend the Graduate Student Orientation for incoming graduate students from all Tulane Schools. This Orientation, presented by the Tulane Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, is scheduled for Monday, August 20, 2018. More information on this will be e-mailed to you during the summer. This is NOT the same as any orientations individual departments may have.
  5. If you are an international student on a Visa, attend the Office of International Students and Scholars Orientation. This is required for all students on a Visa. The International Office will e-mail you more information about this during the summer but it is usually scheduled on the Friday before classes begin.
  6. Contact your department or attend the department graduate student orientation (if department has a graduate student orientation) for information regarding department policies, fellowship expectations, teaching assistantship assignments/job descriptions and answers to any questions about classes for the first semester.
  7. Use Gibson Online to make any changes to class schedule and confirm registration when schedule complete.


Within 2-4 weeks of accepting our admission offer, Tulane Technology Services should send you an e-mail with your Tulane ID# and a link to set up your new Tulane e-mail and password. This 9 digit Tulane ID# will be the way you are identified for everything at Tulane so remember it. Your Tulane user name and password is required before you can register for classes or submit immunization records. Sometimes this e-mail goes to junk mail or is filtered out by spam filters so please check your junk mail folder if you did not receive the e-mail. If you do not see it in your junk mail folder either, please contact Tulane Technology Services at Include your full name, date of birth and the department to which you have been admitted in your e-mail to Technology Services.

International Students (ANY Student on F-1 or J-1 Visa)

The first step for any student coming to Tulane on an F-1 or J-1 Visa is to submit the Foreign Admission Data and Funding Verification Form (F1- FADF) so that the Tulane Office of International Students and Scholars can prepare the I-20 form for an F-1 Visa or (DS-2019 for J-1 Visa) that you will need to bring to the embassy to obtain your VISA. The School of Liberal Arts Office of Graduate Programs will e-mail you a Foreign Admission Data and Funding Verification Form (F1-FADF) several weeks after you have posted online your decision to accept the admission offer from Tulane. You will need to e-mail this form and a copy of your passport back to the Office of Graduate Programs as soon as possible. Once the completed Foreign Admission Data and Funding Verification (F1-FADF) form and a copy of your passport are received by the Office of Graduate Programs, the Tulane Office of International Students and Scholars will use this information to prepare your I-20 or DS-2019 and will send it to you via Federal Express. It may take the Tulane Office of International Students and Scholars as long as 6-8 weeks to process your forms and send the I-20/DS-2019 so do not expect to receive your I-20 /DS-2019 until about 6 -8 weeks after you have submitted the F1-FADF form to the Graduate Programs Office. You should contact your embassy to find out how long it takes to get a Visa and schedule an appointment for as soon as possible after you expect to receive your I-20 (or DS-2019) form. Because of the potentially long processing time it is IMPORTANT that you e-mail your completed F1-FADF form to the Tulane Liberal Arts Office of Graduate Programs as soon as possible.

If you are currently attending a University in the United States you will need your current school to complete a Transfer Form for International Transfer Students and send that form to the Tulane Office of International Students and Scholars.

All students who are attending Tulane on an F-1 or J-1 Visa MUST check–in at the Office of International Students and Scholars as soon as they arrive on campus and MUST attend the International Student orientation before classes begin. Information about the orientation will be e-mailed to you during the summer and will also be posted on the Office of International Students and Scholars website: (click on the New F-1 and J-1 students link).


Louisiana law requires ALL entering college students to have up-to-date immunizations or immunity against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and tetanus. All incoming students must comply with the immunization program. REGISTRATION FOR CLASSES WILL BE BLOCKED FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SUBMITTED PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION ON-LINE so please download the immunization form, complete the information and submit to campus health via the on-line portal as soon as possible. The Immunization form and brief instructions on how to upload the form are on the Tulane Campus Health immunizations website: If you have any questions regarding the immunization program or policy, please contact the Tulane Campus Health at (504) 865-5255.


To inquire about housing, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Tulane housing for graduate students is very limited. There is no on-campus housing for graduate student but there is one Tulane affiliated off campus building for graduate student housing. Many graduate students find private rental apartments near the university. Space in the Tulane affiliated housing fills up quickly so you should contact the Housing Office early. For more information please visit the Office of Housing off-campus housing website: or e-mail

Registration Instructions

You should be able to register as soon as you get clearance for the immunization block (please read information above). You may register for Fall classes by using GIBSON ONLINE, the Tulane Online registration system. If you have notified the School of Liberal Arts that you are planning to attend Tulane in the fall, you should have received or will soon receive via email, your student identification number (ID#) which you will need to access GIBSON ONLINE.

To register online go to and click on “GIBSON ONLINE” or go directly to your Gibson account once you have set it up after receiving the e-mail with your Tulane ID # and new Tulane e-mail. The Fall Course Offerings will be also be available on-line at: beginning in early April. Before you register, you may want to contact your department to inquire about courses appropriate for your graduate program. Classes will begin on Monday, August 27, 2018. Remember to confirm your registration online through your Gibson Online account by August 31, 2018. If you do not confirm your classes, your class registration will be cancelled.

Health Insurance

The Campus Health Center fee provides access to outpatient medical, mental health and health promotion services and personnel available through the University Campus Health Center but it is NOT health/medical insurance. The university’s policy is that all full-time students pay the health center fee and must have health insurance coverage that meets minimum coverage limits. This requirement can be met by enrolling in the Tulane-sponsored student health insurance plan offered through the university or providing proof of other insurance and completing an on-line waiver. You may only waive the student health insurance if you have other health insurance coverage that meets Tulane’s requirements. Additional coverage for family members is available at an additional cost. To learn more about the Tulane-sponsored medical insurance plan and the deadline dates to enroll in or submit a waiver to decline health insurance, please visit the University Campus Health Center/Insurance website:

Full-time students (9 or more credit hours for graduate students) who have not either enrolled in the Tulane Health Insurance Plan or completed a waiver for their personal plan before the deadline posted on the Student Health Insurance website (usually the first week of September) will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the student health insurance after the deadline. The waiver must be submitted on-line before the deadline. If you will be purchasing the Tulane Insurance it is strongly advised that you enroll in the plan BEFORE you arrive on campus so your plan is effective when you arrive and you are covered for any illness or accident upon your arrival. You must however be registered for at least 6 hours of class before you can enroll in the Health Insurance.

NOTE: some of the dates on the Health Insurance website may not be updated with the current information for the Fall semester until late April or early May so please check back if the dates are not updated when you initially view the website.

Payroll Information for Students Receiving Fellowship, Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship Stipends

Federal law requires that Tulane University verify employment eligibility of all students receiving stipends checks, work-study checks, or any other remuneration from Tulane. As a result, in order to receive your stipend payment you will have to complete the “hiring process” and all the documents/forms required for a student starting a new job. The Hiring Forms and DETAILED instructions will be e-mailed to you from between June 15 and July 15. Please do not lose or delete this e-mail. We suggest you flag it or save it somewhere so you can refer to it easily.

There are two steps to completing the hiring process:

  1. Complete and submit the Hiring Forms on-line no later than August 20, 2018. We suggest you complete the forms if possible by the end of July and definitely before you arrive in New Orleans, unless you need to obtain a U.S. bank account. Full instructions on how to complete the forms is included with the forms
  2. Bring your I-9 identification documents in person to Human Resources for verification (as explained in the information e-mailed to you) no later than August 23, 2018. You will also have an opportunity to present your I-9 documents to representatives from Human Resources AT the Graduate School Orientation on August 20, 2018. You must submit the on-line Hiring Forms mentioned in #1 above BEFORE your I-9 documents can be verified by Human Resources. Although the last day to present these documents in order to receive your first check on September 7 is August 23, 2018, it is advisable to bring the necessary I-9 identification documents to Human Resources as soon as possible upon arrival in New Orleans to avoid the rush of students if possible.

NOTE: You must have a U.S. bank account and enter that bank account information on one of the on-line forms in order to submit the forms and begin receiving your stipend payments. IF you are an International student and do not have a U.S. bank account you will not be able to submit the completed Hiring Forms until after you arrive in the U.S. and get a U.S. bank account; therefore if you do not have a U.S. bank account, your first stipend payment MIGHT be delayed unless you arrive in New Orleans, obtain a U.S. Bank account and complete/submit the forms on-line by August 21. There is a bank on the Tulane campus in the Lavin Bernick University Center on McAlister Drive that will open bank accounts quickly for International students and there is a bank on Claiborne Avenue across the street from the baseball stadium.

The first stipend paycheck for new School of Liberal Arts graduate students will be issued by direct deposit on the second Friday in September if all payroll forms have been submitted on-line by August 20 and the I-9 identification documents have been delivered in person to and verified by the Human Resources office no later than August 23, 2018. If your forms are submitted on-line late or your I-9 identification documents are presented to and verified by the Human Resources office after August 23, 2018, your stipend payments will start on the next pay date, the fourth Friday in September.
REMEMBER: All students on any type of VISA must check in at the Office of International Students and Scholars to activate their immigration records BEFORE going to Workforce Management with their identification documents.

Student stipend payments are distributed every other Friday (every two weeks) by direct deposit to a U.S. bank account. 

Be sure you have enough funds available to live until the first pay check in mid-September or the end of September if your forms and documents are submitted after the August deadlines noted in the payroll section above. And plan to bring enough funds to cover all initial move-in expenses such as security deposits, electricity and gas deposits, one month’s rent, furniture, etc.


If you are a U.S. citizen and you will receive a scholarship, assistantship, or fellowship, you should read Publication 970: TAX BENEFITS FOR EDUCATION (Sec. 1. SCHOLARSHIPS, FELLOWSHIPS, GRANTS, AND TUITION REDUCTION) found on the IRS website. Teaching and Research Assistantship stipends will be taxed. No tax will be deducted for fellowships but this portion of your stipend MAY be considered income for tax purposes.

F-1/J-1 students receiving a stipend may also have tax deducted from their stipend depending on which country is on their visa. Non-U.S. Citizens will also need to check in at the International Tax office when they deliver their I-9 employment identification documents to the Human Resources Office. The International Tax Office is in the same location as the Human Resources Office.

New Graduate Student Orientation

The University Office of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies sponsors a mandatory New Graduate Student Orientation each year before classes begin. The orientation for this fall is scheduled for Monday, August 20, 2018. You will receive more information about this once the schedule is confirmed but please plan to attend this very helpful session.

Instructor/Teaching Assistant Information

The University Office of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies has several resources that will be helpful to you in preparing to teach a class including a special workshop for first time teachers. Check out the web site at: and click on the “Seminars & Workshops” link on the left under “Graduate Resources” for information on the new teacher workshop and an Instructor Manual/Tips on Teaching. NOTE: Details about the current year workshop might not be updated on the website until early June. The Office of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies will send an e-mail later this summer with more information including the date of the current year New Teacher Workshop but it is generally scheduled the on Thursday or Friday before classes begin. Remember to register for the workshop if your Teaching Assistantship will include classroom teaching duties your first year. IF you will not be teaching your first year it is probably best to wait until the summer before you first teaching semester to attend this Teacher Orientation.

Mandatory Fees

Academic Support Services Fee ($400 per semester) – The Academic Support Services Fee entitles a student to use the supplementary services of the University libraries and academic support services, such as language and science laboratories. It also covers certain computer services, data and voice hook-ups, the tutoring services and some of the non-testing components of the Center for Educational Resources and Counseling, certain on-line library services, and other academic support services.

Student Health Center Fee ($320 per semester) – The Student Health Fee provides students with primary care, psychiatric care and counseling, and contraceptive care at the Campus Health Center. It also contributes to health education programs, drug/alcohol counseling, and the Tulane Emergency Medical Service. This is not the same as the student health insurance.

Student Activity Fee ($120 per semester) – The Student body at Tulane assesses itself a Student Activity Fee to support its activities. The Student Activity fee entitles students to participate in or attend supported activities, readership of a weekly newspaper, and admission to many intercollegiate athletic contests, movies, and lectures.

Reily Recreation Center Fee ($180 per semester) – Full-time students will be assessed for membership to the Reily Recreation center. Part-time students have the option to join the Reily Center.

Payment of Accounts Receivable (Fees/Health Insurance)

For students receiving a stipend for the 2018-19 academic year, the Accounts Receivable Office has a payroll deduction plan which allows students to pay for certain fees by deducting an amount from each paycheck during the semester and crediting this amount to your accounts receivable account. In order to use this payroll deduction, you have to receive a stipend and, you have to fill out a payroll deduction form, which can be obtained from the Accounts Receivable office.

  • To avoid finance charges, all bills must be paid by the due date shown on the bill.
  • Fees and health insurance can be paid over the course of a semester through payroll deduction for students on stipend. For this option, a payroll authorization deduction form is required and must be completed at the Accounts Receivable office.
  • A small finance charges will accrue on outstanding balances even though a student signs up for payroll deduction.

Student Loans

If you are a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident, you may be eligible for federal and state student grants, work-study, and loans. To apply on-line for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA), just go to FAFSA on the Web at:

Final Transcript

Before classes begin we need an OFFICIAL copy of your final transcript (with degree earned) for your record. Please request that a complete, official transcript from your undergraduate or graduate registrar be sent to the Tulane University School of Liberal Arts, Director of Graduate Programs, Newcomb Hall Room 102, New Orleans, LA 70118 to be included in your official admissions record.

When Should You Arrive on Campus?

The answer to this question varies depending on your situation. Classes begin Monday August 27, 2018 but all new graduate students should be in New Orleans in time to attend the mandatory New Graduate Student Orientation on Monday, August 20, 2018. If you have not arranged housing prior to arrival, it could take at least 2-3 weeks to find a place to live at this time of year.

If you are an International Student (on any type of Visa) you will be required to check-in and attend an Orientation for International Students which is usually held the Thursday or Friday before classes start. Please check the Office of International Students and Scholars website: for the date of the fall 2018 International Student orientation.

If you will be receiving a fellowship, teaching or research assistantship stipend and would like to receive your first stipend paycheck on the first payday in September, you need to arrive in New Orleans and bring your employment identification/verification documents to the Human Resources Office by the deadline dates listed in the Payroll Information section above.

School of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Handbook/Catalog

All graduate students in the School of Liberal Arts are required to be aware of and adhere to the policies outlined in the School of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Handbook/Catalog. Please review this before classes begin and take special note of the grading policy for graduate students.

Tuition & Fees 2018-2019

FULL TIME (9 or more credit hours (per semester) (per year)
Tuition* $26,428 $52,855
Academic Support Service Fee $400 $800
Reily Center Fee $180 $360
Student Health Fee $320 $640
Student Activities Fee $120 $240

Students who have completed their course work requirements are required to register for Master’s Research 9980 (no credit hours) or Dissertation Research 9990 (no credit hours) in order to maintain continuous registration. A fee of $300.00 is charged each semester for this registration.

* This is the standard tuition rate for non-funded PhD, MFA and MA programs. Most departments offer a limited number of academic merit based tuition scholarships/ waivers and stipends (in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships or fellowships). All who apply for admission to the School of Liberal Arts graduate school are automatically considered for the tuition waiver/stipend if applicable to the specific department. Special reduced tuition rates are offered for graduate students enrolled in certain MA programs (English MA, Economics MA, and Philosophy MA) that do not offer tuition scholarships and stipends.

Other Resources

Accessibility Services:

Student Affairs: