Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I declare a major in economics?

    Obtain a Major Declaration Form from the Advising website, complete the top portion, and email it to Ms. Callhover will help pair you with a major advisor. Contact your major advisor during their office hours to discuss the requirements for the major and to obtain their signature on your major declaration form. Return the signed form to Ms. Callhover.

  • How do I transfer credit for classes taken at another university?

    Obtain a Transfer Credit Approval Form from your Newcomb-Tulane advisor and send it, along with a copy of the course outline to Find out more information about obtaining transfer credit.

  • How do I receive economics credit for classes taken through Tulane’s Study Abroad program?

    Courses taken through Tulane’s Study Abroad program do not necessarily count towards your major in economics.  To have these courses count towards your economics major, obtain a Course Substitution Form from your Newcomb-Tulane advisor and send it, along with a copy of the course outline to

  • I am a member of the honors program and I want to write a senior honors thesis.  What should I do?

    Contact the Honors program and check to see whether you meet the requirements for the program. Next, meet with the economics professor who you hope will supervise your honors thesis. Consider asking faculty who know you and work in your area of interest. Once a professor has agreed to supervise your thesis, ask Erin Callhover ( to enroll you in Econ 4990 for the fall semester.  You may obtain more information on thesis deadlines from the honors program.

  • I need to take an economics class and the enrollment is full.  What should I do?  

    Get on the waitlist for the class. If you cannot get into the course prior to the beginning of classes, ask the professor if they can add you to the course. Otherwise, wait and take the class another semester. If you are truly desperate, contact your advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Economics Department.

  • I want to take a class but I do not have the required prerequisite.  What should I do?

    Take the required course. If this is not possible, or if you believe that it is unnecessary because of your prior coursework, ask the course instructor to waive the prerequisite. Caveat Emptor – the prerequisite is there for a reason.