Santeria and Cultural Competency

Start Date: Friday February 23rd, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Uptown Campus
Description: Attend Anthropology Guest Speaker Eugenia Rainey who studies religion as negotiated process. She explores this process at the intersection of Lucumí and medicine. Her work focuses on how the cultural competency paradigm that emerged out of LBJ’s Great Society influenced the adaptation of Lucumí practice outside of Cuba and racial identity formation in south Florida. Her talk on Feb. 23rd examines the factors that influenced the shift in who has access to biomedical space. The influences of Neoliberal policy on the practice of biomedicine and the development of the Cultural Competency paradigm, as well as the historical trajectory of “Santería” and the religious habitus of devotees contributed to what can be described as the “absent presence” of this religion in hospitals in Miami today.
Sponsored By: Newcomb-Tulane College
Open To: Public
Admission: Free
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