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Across the arts, humanities, and social sciences, faculty in the School of Liberal Arts are engaged in cutting-edge scholarship that shapes the core questions of their disciplines and has an impact both in the classroom and in the community. Our research and creative activities awaken the soul to the human condition, challenging past assumptions and broadening our perspectives. Our location in New Orleans provides unique opportunities to investigate pressing problems such as hunger, poverty, environmental fragility, education, and economic disparity as well as to celebrate and explore our distinctive culture. Our focus on the Gulf South region and recognized expertise in Latin America underscore our distinctive bridge between the local and global, both in terms of offering solutions and in gaining insights through scientific, historical, philosophical, and artistic inquiry.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Featured Faculty Research Awards

Allison Emmerson, Tulane University
Allison Emmerson
ACLS Grant
Douglas Harris, Tulane University
Doug Harris
Institute of Education Sciences Grant
Emilia Oddo, Tulane University
Emilia Oddo
Institute for Aegean Prehistory Grant


Featured Student Research Activities

Evan Parker, Tulane University
Evan Parker
National Geographic Society Early Career Grant
Maxime Lamoureux-St. Hilaire & Mary Kate Kelly, Tulane University
Maxime Lamoureux-St. Hilaire & Mary Kate Kelly
Dumbarton Oaks Fellowships