Russian Studies Minor

The Russian Minor requires 15 credits or five courses beyond Russian 2030. Russian Minors are required to take at least two courses taught in Russian language (including Russian 2040) and three courses taught in English, such as Masterpiece of Russian Language l and ll, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Soviet Jewish Experience or courses on Russian art n film. Students may also petition for permission to use one course outside the department (e.g... in Russian history or Russian politics) toward the minor. The department generally accepts transfer credit toward the minor from summer and semester study at accredited U.S.. and Russian universities. No more than three courses can be counted toward the minor if the student spends an entire year abroad, and no more than 2 courses for one semester abroad. 

Russian Minor Planner.pdf

RUSS Courses:

  • RUSS 2040 Intermediate Russian ll
  • RUSS 3030 Masterpieces Russ Lit l
  • RUSS 3040 Masterpieces Russ Lit ll
  • RUSS 3250 Advanced Russian Grammar
  • RUSS 3330 Adv. Russ. Conversation
  • RUSS 3450 Tolstoy/Dostoevsky-Trans
  • RUSS 3530 Russian Art and Architecture
  • RUSS 3700 Russian Poetry
  • RUSS 3780 Soviet Jewish Experience
  • RUSS 4810/4820 Special Topics (may count multiple times)
  • RUSS 4910/4920 Independent Study
  • RUSS 4990/5000 Honors Thesis
  • RUSS 5110 Capstone (Departmental Approval Required)

Elective courses outside of the Department: 

  • HISE 1510 Napoleon in Russia 1812
  • HISE 2250 Russia since 1825-Present
  • HISE 3250 Russia at War, 1939-1945
  • HISE 3260 Putin's Russia
  • HISE 6510 The Russian Revolution: 1900-1924
  • HISE 6511 Stalin's Russia, 1924-1953

All questions related to the Russian courses and to the Russian Major/Minor Program please address to Prof. Lidia Zhigunova and to Prof. William Brumfield