Spanish Placement Test Taking Information

Test Taker Information

  1. To access the test, please go to:

    Avant testing login

  2. Use the following information to login to your test:

    Test Code: 26459a-pl-c-sp-1    
    Password: 2356

  3. If this is your first time logging in, select “Start New Test” if you are returning to complete a test, select “Continue Test”

    Avant start new test

    If you’re starting a new test, you’ll need to create a login name, please use your STUDENT ID NUMBER.

    If you’re returning to continue your test, you’ll need to put in the login information you entered when starting the test.

    Set up profile

  4. Your first time logging in, you’ll need to complete the test taker profile page. Please, use your STUDENT ID NUMBER as your Test Taker ID. For the email section, use your TULANE STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS.

    Create Profile

  5. Gibson student ID number (###00####). If you do not know your ID number, you can find it in the Green Wave Portal. Honors students who do not yet have a Tulane email address may create an account with an alternate email address on their profile.
  6. If you get disconnected or forget to record your placement results, you can return to the site to log in and resume or view your score.
  7. Once you have completed the profile page, read and accept the Test Taker agreement and start the test.
  8. To stop the test for any reason, click “Stop Test” and let the proctor know, if it is being proctored.
  9. To resume a test, click Continue Test after entering the Test Code and Password and re-enter your Login Name exactly as you did the first time. The test should resume at the point where you left off. Contact your institution for assistance if you have trouble resuming your test.