Undergraduate Advising

So you want to…

…Declare a Major or Minor

Welcome aboard!

  • Step 1: Obtain the Major/Minor Declaration form
  • Step 2: Fill out the student information section
  • Step 3: Send the completed form to Prof. Chris Fettweis, Undergraduate Studies Director, (fettweis@tulane.edu). He will sign the form, assign a faculty advisor and return the form to you.
  • Step 4: Print the form and bring it to the Newcomb-Tulane Center for Academic Advising, Mussafer Hall, or forward the PDF of the declaration to your current advisor or advising@tulane.edu.

…Find out about Studying Abroad

Good for you!

Our rules and procedures for studying abroad can be found here:


If you have questions, please consult the appropriate advisor:

Prof. Christina Kiel (ckiel1@tulane.edu)
- All PSIR majors
- POLS majors/minors with last names A-H

Prof. Dauphine Sloan (dsloan@tulane.edu)
- All PSDV majors/minors
- POLS majors/minors with last names I-Z

…Find out about Internships

Contact Prof. Christina Kiel (ckiel1@tulane.edu)

…Find out about Transfer Credits

Courses taken at other domestic universities need to be pre-approved in order for them to count for us. For pre-approval, see Prof. Chris Fettweis, Undergraduate Studies Director, (fettweis@tulane.edu).
If you are a transfer student, see Prof. Fettweis to have your credits transferred to our department.
Be advised that under no circumstances will we substitute courses from other universities to satisfy the Tier-II writing intensive requirement.
General Tulane transfer policies are available here: https://advising.tulane.edu/resources/transfer-credit

…Request a Course Substitution

If you would like to know whether a Tulane class outside of our department can be used to fulfill a political-science requirement, you can make a “Degree Audit Substitution Request” with this form: https://tulane.app.box.com/s/qu2mzyf9o1jh0w2m3fyapphu1pj2493q 
Fill it out and send it, along with the course syllabus, to Prof. Chris Fettweis (fettweis@tulane.edu).

…Register for an Honors Thesis

Advising regarding Honors theses is done by the supervising professors (readers) and the NTC Honors Office. Their website is https://enrichment.tulane.edu/senior-honors-thesis.
The political science department requires an additional registration form, which has further instructions. It is available here: https://liberalarts.tulane.edu/sites/default/files/Indepenent-study-form.pdf . It is due on the second Wednesday of the fall semester of your senior year.
Email the form to Teresina Sandino-Reyes (tsandinoreyes@tulane.edu).

…Register for an Independent Study

You may arrange to do an independent study with a regular faculty member of the Political Science department (not a visiting professor or adjunct professor).
The Independent Study Registration Form is available here: https://liberalarts.tulane.edu/sites/default/files/Indepenent-study-form.pdf). It is due by the second Wednesday of semester.
Email the form to Teresina Sandino-Reyes (tsandinoreyes@tulane.edu).


Sometimes NTC advisors send you to us to scan your degree audit for problems before graduation. Unless there is a problem, this isn’t necessary.
If your audit says that you have fulfilled the political science requirements, then we will agree.
If it says that you are missing something, and you think it is an error, contact Prof. Fettweis (fettweis@tulane.edu).

…Ask a question

Contact Prof. Chris Fettweis, Undergraduate Studies Director, fettweis@tulane.edu.
Office hours are Wednesdays, 10-12 and 1-3, or by appointment. We can meet in person or on zoom.