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Environmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

Members of the EVST Faculty Advisory Committee comes from disciplines across the School of Liberal Arts and its close associates (e.g. the ByWater Institute). Every major in EVST is assigned an faculty advisor who guides them throughout their studies at Tulane. The current director of the program is Laura McKinney, Associate Professor of Sociology, with a faculty advisory committee composed of an interdisciplinary group of SLA faculty, including Melissa Bailes (Assistant Professor of English), Thomas Beller (Associate Professor of English), Marcello Canuto (Professor of Anthropology), Leslie Geddes (Assistant Professor of Art History), Michelle Foa (Associate Professor of Art History), Mirya Holman (Associate Professor of Political Science), Andrew Horowitz (Assistant Professor of History), Katharine Jack (Professor of Anthropology), Nicole Katin (Professor of Practice in Environmental Studies and Anthropology), Michelle Kohler (Assistant Professor of English), Amalia Leguizamón (Assistant Professor of Sociology), Amy Lesen (Research Associate Professor at the ByWater Institute), Jason Nesbitt (Assistant Professor of Anthropology), Christopher Oliver (Professor of Practice in Environmental Studies and Sociology), and Christopher Rodning (Associate Professor of Anthropology).

Other Environmental Researchers At Tulane

Laura McKinney
Director of Environmental Studies
Newcomb Hall 220-A2
Environmental Studies Faculty Bios
Melissa Bailes
Associate Professor of English
Thomas Beller
Associate Professor of English
Marcello Canuto
Professor of Anthropology
Michelle Foa
Associate Professor of Art History
Leslie Geddes Assistant Professor Newcomb Art Department Tulane University
Leslie Geddes
Assistant Professor of Art History
Mirya Holman
Associate Professor of Political Science
Andy Horowitz
Assistant Professor of History
Katharine M. Jack
Professor of Anthropology
Nicole Katin
Professor of Practice of Anthropology
Michelle Kohler Associate Professor Department of English Tulane University
Michelle Kohler
Associate Professor of English
Amalia Leguizamón
Amalia Leguizamón
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Amy Lesen
Research Associate Professor at the ByWater Institute
Laura McKinney
Associate Professor of Sociology
Jason Nesbitt
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Christopher Oliver
Professor of Practice, Sociology and Environmental Studies
Chris Rodning
Professor of Anthropology