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Law School 3/3 Program


This program allows Tulane students to receive the BA/BS and JD degrees in six years. Accepted students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be their senior year. At the successful conclusion of that year, the student receives the BA or BS. After two more years of full-time law school, the student receives the JD.


Students apply for admission to Tulane Law School during the junior year and must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete core and major requirements by the end of junior year.
  • Take the LSAT by the fall of junior year.

Application Process:

Students should first meet with a pre-law advisor to discuss their eligibility. Ideally, this would take place at the end of the sophomore year or beginning of the junior year. Students will then complete an eligibility form by obtaining the signature of the major advisor (certifying that you will have completed all of your major requirements by the end of your junior year) and the signature of your academic advisor (certifying that you will have completed all of your core requirements by the end of your junior year). The final step is to apply to Tulane Law School. The online application is available here.

For More Information, Contact the Pre-Law Advisors:

Kathleen Maier:
Sarah Withers: