Distribution Requirements

There are no additional School of Liberal Arts distribution requirements for students matriculating from Fall 2018 forward.

The following applies only to students who matriculated to Tulane prior to Fall 2018.

In order to achieve the minimal breadth that the faculty deems appropriate to a liberal arts education, all students in the School of Liberal Arts must take the following courses in addition to those required by the general core:

Humanities and Fine Arts

One additional course in either the Humanities or the Fine Arts, beyond the two required by the general core. Students must assure that at least one of the three courses is a Humanities course and at least one is a Fine Arts course.

Social Sciences

One additional course in the Social Sciences for B.A. and B.S. majors, beyond the two required by the general core. Students must assure that the three courses they take to satisfy the general and school cores are in at least two different Social Science departments or programs.

Science and Mathematics

The faculty of the School of Liberal Arts believes that adequate exposure to mathematics and science is central to the goal of breadth in a liberal arts education. Therefore, Liberal Arts students in B.A. and B.S. majors must take one additional course in science or mathematics, beyond the quantitative reasoning requirement, the lab science requirement, and the math-science core requirement.