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The Political Science Department offers three degree tracks in the study of politics and international affairs, consisting of the political science major (POLS), concentration in international relations (PSIR), or concentration in international development (PSDV) as well as the option to minor in political science or international development. Please see the degree requirements page for more information.

Honors Thesis Form and Deadline

If you are planning to write an honors thesis this year, you are required to submit the form (linked below), with the requisite signatures, to the departmental office (316 Norman Mayer) by the 2nd Wednesday of the fall semester.  We recognize that it is in advance of the deadline in the Honors Department for their form and prospectus.

Independent Study Registration Form

Study Abroad

Guidelines for POLS/PSIR Majors Planning to Study Abroad

1. No more than THREE classes for one-semester studied abroad or FIVE for a whole year will count toward fulfillment of the POLS/PSIR major.
2. We do not transfer classes at the 4000-level or above unless we have a direct equivalent in our catalog.  The courses students take will typically transfer in at the 3000-level or below.
3. Students need to consult with Prof. Kiel, the departmental study abroad advisor, upon their return in order to have the classes taken abroad assigned numbers that will be recognized by the department (the number "5380," which is automatically assigned by the registrar, is NOT the official course number).