Newsletter: Research and Teaching Prevail in 2020

Research Group in Costa Rica

French alumnus Ronald Wright, MD

Alumni Spotlight - Ronald Wright

Alumnus Ronald Wright, MD reflects on his time at Tulane, serving his community, and how learning another language fluently has enhanced his work as a physician.

Tuberculosis-affected communities of South Asia and Covid-19

Contagions & Interleaving Relationships

Professor Andrew McDowell finds connections between tuberculosis-affected communities of South Asia and Covid-19 during a faculty residency at A Studio in the Woods.

St. Patrick’s Cemeteries No. 1 and 2 entrance.

Irish New Orleans

Using the interactive software StoryMaps in her fall course, history professor Laura Kelley teaches her students important research skills while broadening the archive of Irish New Orleans' culture.

Kira Heneha, Silhouette Dance Ensemble. Photo provided by Silhouette Dance Ensemble.

Philanthropy and Social Change Grant Awarded

Students in the School of Liberal Arts Management Minor (SLAMM) surprised a special guest with a $10,000 grant for their organization's dedication to enriching community through the performing arts.

Catching Up with Dean Edwards

Catching Up with Dean Edwards

As 2020 comes to a close, Dean Brian Edwards highlights how the individual and collective efforts of liberal arts students, alumni, faculty, and staff tell a hopeful story for our future.