White House Internship

Jessie Kaplan, SLA Political Science major, Tulane University

This summer I had the privilege of interning at the White House in the Office of Presidential Correspondence. In my office we read and analyzed every piece of correspondence that is sent to the President. I was part of the email team where I was responsible for the Energy and Environment portfolio. In addition to reading correspondence, I drafted new policy letters, wrote memos about the incoming trends, and responded to constituents who wrote President Obama. The highlight of my internship was assisting in choosing the ten letters of the day that went to the President to read and reply to. My time at the White House also included giving tours of the East Wing to constituents, volunteering at events, including the July 4th party on the South Lawn and the Americans With Disabilities Act’s 25th anniversary, and bowling in the Truman Alley.

It was such an honor to be working at the White House during such an exciting time with the two momentous Supreme Court decisions, the Iran Deal, the Trans- Pacific Partnership, and the re-engagement with Cuba. The White House internship solidified my desire to go into government in the future. This experience completely changed my life and I am so proud to have served at the pleasure of the President.