Thriving in the Entertainment Industry

Caroline Keller (SLA '17)  Majoring in Economics and Digital Media Production

This summer I participated in two internships in the entertainment industry. The first was at PMK*BNC, an entertainment PR firm, and the second was Cross Creek Pictures. I worked in the film and development departments respectively. Everything was amazing! I was an integral part of the team in each office, helping everyday with press breaks or writing coverage.

Being from the north east, it was great to spend a summer in LA where the entertainment industry is thriving. While there was a little bit of a learning curve at first, just being in LA gave me so many opportunities to connect with other people my own age in the industry. It's amazing to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about films as I am. I have learned so much not only through my daily tasks but just by sitting in the office and absorbing everything. By having two very different internships, I am able to have a fuller understanding of the larger industry.