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Film Studies Course Listing

Required Courses

COMM 3150             Film Analysis
COMM 4860             Film Theory
FMST 5110               Capstone (in conjunction with capstone option course)

Elective Courses

COMM 1150             Intro to Cinema
COMM 2400             Topics in International Film Movements
COMM 2500             Film and Society
COMM 3270             Topics in Authors and Genre
COMM 3520             Topics in Cinema and Politics
COMM 3550             Third World Cinema
COMM 3560             History of Animation
COMM 3600             Documentary Film
COMM 3750             Digital Cinema
COMM 3800             Cinema Reception and Cultural Memory
COMM 4150             Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
COMM 4160             Contemporary Chinese Cinema
COMM 4170             U.S. Film History
COMM 4180             African Cinema
COMM 4190             Intro to Latin American Film
COMM 4300             Cultural Politics and Cinema
COMM 4350             Gender and the Cinema
COMM 4610             National Cinema Latin America
COMM 4810             Special Topics (capstone option when designated)
COMM 4820             Special Topics (capstone option when designated)
COMM 4830             Spectacular Cinema (capstone option)
COMM 4840             Cinema, History, Archive (capstone option)
COMM 4850             Cinema, Technology, Modernity (capstone option)
COMM 5000             Honors Thesis
COMM 6210             Seminar in Comm Studies (cinema topic only)
COMM 6220             Seminar in Comm Studies (cinema topic only)
ENLS 3640               Screenwriting
ENLS 4100               Literature and Film
FREN 3110               The French Cinema
FREN 4810               Special Topics (cinema topic only)
FREN 4820               Special Topics (cinema topic only)
GERM 3710              Intro to German Film
GERM 3720              Weimar Cinema
GERM 3730              Nazi Cinema
HISE 3220                WWII in French Film
HIST 3210                Visual History and Filmmaking
ITAL 3300                 Topics in Italian Literature and Cinema (cinema topic only)
ITAL 3330                 Italian Literature in Translation (cinema topic only)
ITAL 4040                 Topics in 19th and 20th Century Italian Literature (cinema topic only)
ITAL 4440                 Topics in Literature/Cinema Translation (cinema topic/capstone option)
SOCI 2450                Society through Cinema
SPAN 4170               Intro to Spanish Film
SPAN 4190               Intro to Latin American Film
SPAN 6910               Special Topics (cinema topic only)
DMPR 2001              Digital Filmmaking Fundamentals I
DMPR 2002              Digital Filmmaking Fund II

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Additional FMST Course Designations

FMST 2940                Transfer Coursework
FMST 3940                Transfer Coursework
FMST 4910                Independent Study
FMST 4920                Independent Study
FMST 4940                Transfer Coursework
FMST 4990                Honors Thesis
FMST 5000                Honors Thesis
FMST 5380                Junior Year Abroad
FMST 5390                Junior Year Abroad