Communication/Cinema Studies/Digital Media Practices Internship Policies.

  1. To receive internship credit, the student must be a junior or senior with a minimum 2.8 GPA.
  2. Although Tulane allows 6 hours of internship credit, only one 3-credit 4000-level Communication internship is allowed within the 30 hours of the major. After the student takes the internship course, he/she may take a second Communication internship, but the credit may not count toward the major. Students may not receive more than three credits for an internship at the same site.
  3. No retroactive internship credit will be given. Students must meet the requirements and have the internship approved for credit before the internship begins.
  4. The internship and the internship seminar course must be taken at the same time and a student must take the class in order to receive credit for an internship.
  5. The internship supervisor’s evaluation is an important consideration, but it will not be any portion of the student’s grade.
  6. Minimum to be completed at the internship is 100 hours as part of the course. For the second internship credit, the student must work a minimum of 200 hours for three credits.
  7. The first internship experience must include regularly going to a place of business where he/she is directly supervised. The second may be on another basis, e.g. work at home, with the permission of the professor. The supervisor must agree to provide an evaluation at the end of the internship.
  8. Students may not do an internship for credit at a family-owned business or under the direct supervision of a family member.
  9. Students should produce some tangible project as part of their internship experience. This project will be presented to the professor at the end of the internship course.
  10. Students may receive both credit and a salary for internships.
  11. The Communication Department has final approval on service learning internships for which Comm credit is given.
  12. CINE and DMPC students can take the internship course as one of their electives for the major.