Get TU Know Our Students

Reece Feldman, Tulane University

Reece Feldman is a senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Cinema Studies and Strategy, Leadership and Analytics Minor (SLAM). 

Why did you choose to major in Communications? 

I chose Communication as my major because I wanted to learn more about the development and practices of the media and also the communications industry as a whole. 

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

 I have taken some really great Comm classes during my time at Tulane. Some of my favorites courses include Mass Communication Law because of its real world applicability, and also Film Theory because of how truly interesting it is. 

What are your plans after graduation, and how has your Communications major influenced them? 

 After graduation I hope to work in the field of entertainment, which was definitely influenced by my major in Communication and minors in Film Studies and SLAMM. It was through the Comm department I had the opportunity to learn more about the entertainment and media industries, and it was also through one of my Comm classes that I had the pleasure to work at the New Orleans Film Festival this past semester. 

Aneri Patel, Tulane University

Aneri Patel is a junior studying Marketing, Communication and Dance. 

Why did you choose to major in Communication? 

I came to Tulane pre-med, but then I realized I really like the media and writing. I started taking Comm classes on a whim, and I ended up really loving them. I kept wanting to take more of them. The major just kinda stuck after that.  

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

My two favorite classes that I’ve taken in the department are Film Analysis with Dr. Kai-Man Chang & Reality TV with Dr. Krystal Cleary 

 What are your plans after graduation, and how has your Communications major influenced them? 

Plans for after graduation are unclear. Hopefully, I’ll be working for a production company, marketing films to the public. I really want to be someone who gets people excited about upcoming films. Communication has definitely helped me gain exposure to film and television production, which helped me realize that that’s the industry I want to continue working in. 

Robin Boch, Tulane University

Robin Boch is a senior majoring in Communication, Political Science, and French. 

Why did you choose to major in Communication? 

 I chose to add a Communication major because I love how interdisciplinary the field is. I take classes on everything from news writing to film analysis and can easily combine what I learn with my other two majors. I also like that the major allows me to be creative and really helps my writing, presentation, and research skills. 

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

My favorite class in the department was Political Communication. I am also enjoying the challenge of writing an Honors Thesis in Communication and Political Science this year about media and populism in surprising elections. 

What are your plans after graduation, and how has your major influenced them? 

Though I am not sure what I will be doing when I graduate, I am in the process of applying to different opportunities. I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree in International Affairs and Journalism, or doing a year-long English-teaching program in France, or getting a job in Washington, D.C. related to political communication. I have already completed communications-related internships with USAID and The Brookings Institution, and I am currently a remote intern for the U.S. Department of State African Regional Media Hub. My communication major has influenced my career plans because it has shown me how much I love writing and am fascinated by the media industry, as well as how I can combine this with my interests in languages, politics, and international relations. 

Xavier Indeglia, Tulane University

Xavier Indeglia is a senior majoring in Finance and Communications. 

Why did you choose to major in Communication? 

I have always been a huge film and TV buff. I came into Tulane undecided but naturally found myself gravitating towards classes such as “Intro to Television” and “History of the Horror Film,” so pursuing a degree in Communication felt like a natural fit. After my summer after freshman year, I interned as a corporate law clerk for a securities law firm and was introduced to brokerage firms ad hedge fund managers who introduced me to the world of finance. After this, I declared a second major in Finance. 

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

Film Analysis and Media Analysis.  

 What are your plans after graduation, and how has your Communication major influenced them? 

After graduation, I will be working as a portfolio analyst in Bethesda, MD for a firm called MidCap Financial, the middle-market division of Apollo Global Management. The firm specialized in leveraged loans, and has been branching out into all sectors of the financial industry, including film finance. While working for a financial institution is not the typically trajectory for a Communication major, I found that the skills I picked up throughout these classes played a pivotal role in landing this position. The ability to communicate written and orally was a huge driver in standing out amongst other applicants, and these skills were obtained through my Communication courses. Additionally, this company’s ties with film and the entertainment finance was a huge reason I chose to work there, and my Communication courses provided a much clearer understanding to how the entertainment industry functions. Even in the financial industry, concepts such as critical theory and political economy were essentially in providing me a holistic perspective in the industry I will be working for.

Synde Klein, Tulane University

Sydne Klein is a senior studying Communication.

Why did you choose to major in Communication? 

I chose my major because I knew pretty confidently that I loved to write and I loved engaging with different people, but I wasn't sure where to channel that energy. I thought that first learning about Communication through a general, theoretical lens might give me some more creative leeway in pursuing potential career options. 

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

 My favorite classes definitely include a toss-up between Reality TV with Dr. Cleary, Film Analysis with Dr. Chang and Political Communications with Professor Greenberg. 

 What are your plans after graduation, and how has your Communication major influenced them? 

 Ideally, I hope to move to New York or Los Angeles and pursue a career in creative development for television. Creative development positions are often found at network and literary management agencies, and the day-to-day usually entails reviewing different scripts and projects from writers/production companies. I would love to develop either scripted content or documentary concepts (weird documentary are kinda my thing). My Communications major has definitely influenced this decision based upon the department's active encouragement for students to accept internship positions and learning experiences outside of the classroom. For example, in the fall of my sophomore year, I worked as a production assistant on The TODAY Show's coverage of the New Orleans Tricentennial through the department. Now, I've used that experience to access other production opportunities across New Orleans, including work on three different feature films this year. 

Desiree Isles, Tulane University

Desiree Isles is a senior studying Communication. 

Why did you choose to major in Communication? 

When I first came to Tulane, I actually had a different major. However, after talking to friends in the department and gaining a better understanding of what Communication actually is, I realized that it was a better fit for my interests. I’m passionate about the entertainment industry, and this major offers a lot of classes about the effects of messaging and impact media and images can have on society.  

What is your favorite class you have taken in the department? 

I have taken so many great classes in the department. One of my favorites was Cross Cultural Analysis because we really were able to dive deep into analysis, using popular shows and movies as examples. I felt that a lot of the material could be used outside of the classroom as well. 

What are your plans after graduation, and how has your Communication major influenced them? 

 After graduation, I hope to work in the field of entertainment and business in some way. I plan on returning to my hometown of San Francisco, CA and finding a full-time position. I also plan on finding opportunities to pursue my passion of music, as well as give back to my community and mentor younger students like me.