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Faculty Resources

To access most of the following faculty resources that reside in the Box folder entitled “SLA Faculty Resources,” click a link below and then login to with your Tulane username and password. Other resources/documents also are contained in the Box folder.

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Resources Box folder

School of Liberal Arts Staff Position Request Form   (for CHAIRS & DIRECTORS only)

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Leave Request Application Form  (leads to the SLA leave system: and Instructions (in Box)

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Academic Review Declaration Form  (leads to the SLA form submission site: and Instructions (in Box)

Interfolio Faculty180 (the faculty annual activity reporting system); see the Annual Report Guide (in Box) developed for SLA Faculty

School of Liberal Arts Funding Opportunities (mostly in Box)

External Funding Opportunities (in Box)

Additional Resources

  • Tenenbaum Sophomore Tutorials in Liberal Arts
  • Tulane Office of Human Resources
  • NVIVO is now available via the Tulane IT Service Catalog Portal. Faculty and students can login and request a license, along with the installation key, and receive instructions how to install.
    * Please note that if you want to teach students to use this, they must each register individually for the download.
    ** If you already have an active license with NVIVO, you will have to contact the company individually to see about a refund or credit. Alternatively, you can keep using their active license, but request a license through Tulane instead of renewing.