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Faculty Resources

To access most of the following faculty resources that reside in the Box folder entitled “SLA Faculty Resources,” click a link below and then login to with your Tulane username and password. Other resources/documents also are contained in the Box folder.

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Resources Box folder

School of Liberal Arts Staff Position Request Form   (for CHAIRS & DIRECTORS only)

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Academic Review Declaration Form  (leads to the SLA form submission site: and Instructions (in Box)

Interfolio Faculty180 (the faculty annual activity reporting system); see the Annual Report Guide (in Box) developed for SLA Faculty

Leave Requests: School of Liberal Arts tenure-line faculty leave requests for sabbatical, fourth-year/junior research leave, and other research leave requests and requests for temporary employment or visiting professorship leaves will be administered via Interfolio. Contact Tara Hamburg in the SLA Dean’s Office to request an Interfolio packet to be established for faculty to apply or for inquiries; most relevant application deadlines are noted in Box. (Note: Sabbatical eligibility is applicable for only tenured faculty in our school and requires completion of 12 semesters of full-time service in residence (12 teaching semesters) prior to a requested sabbatical semester. A fourth-year/junior research leave semester is applicable for pre-tenured assistant professors after successfully passing a mid-tenure review process.)

School of Liberal Arts Funding and Award Opportunities (mostly in Box)

External Funding Opportunities (in Box)

Additional Resources

  • Tenenbaum Sophomore Tutorials in Liberal Arts
  • Tulane Office of Human Resources
  • NVIVO is now available via the Tulane IT Service Catalog Portal. Faculty and students can login and request a license, along with the installation key, and receive instructions how to install.
    * Please note that if you want to teach students to use this, they must each register individually for the download.
    ** If you already have an active license with NVIVO, you will have to contact the company individually to see about a refund or credit. Alternatively, you can keep using their active license, but request a license through Tulane instead of renewing.