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Grade Grievances

Grading is the prerogative of the instructor of the course and is based upon a student’s performance against a clearly articulated set of assessments outlined in the course syllabus.  A student who believes the final grade awarded in a course is arbitrary or incorrect, may appeal that grade.  All grievances must be made in a timely manner.  Unless extenuating circumstances exist, the student must begin the process within one month of receiving the final grade.  In some cases, it may be necessary for the grievance process to be delayed until the course instructor is available. When circumstances demand a faculty committee for grievances, they are to be convened in the Fall and Spring semesters and when campus is open.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide copies of all relevant materials (i.e. course syllabus, assignment(s) in question, graded work), which may be made available through screenshots (Canvas submissions or grades).

The general University policy for grade grievances can be found here:

Please note that in the School of Liberal Arts the step after informal mediation with the professor is a formal presentation of a petition or letter, and all supporting evidence, to submit to the Department Chair or Program Director (for interdisciplinary programs). The chair or director will form a faculty committee for reviewing the petition. Should the student or professor appeal the decision of the committee, an appeal can be made to Associate Dean Vicki Mayer ( That appeal should focus on either procedure or evidence not already considered by the committee. The Associate Dean does not grade papers or exams.