What does it mean to be alumni of the School of Liberal Arts?

The simple answer is that you majored in a discipline of the School of Liberal Arts. By concentrating in a field in the arts, humanities, or social sciences, you learned to write, analyze, communicate, and perform. But, of course, there is a far more complex answer as well. It might connote Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Daisy Chains, and football games. Perhaps it entails memories – no matter how foggy – of nights at the Boot with classmates who have remained your friends for life. It might imply that you discovered a passion for a subject that engaged your imagination or a faculty member who saw your true potential. And, certainly, as alumni of SLA, it means that your experience here shaped the individual you are today.

Today, SLA continues its dedication to educating students through our outstanding curriculum, innovative programs, and nationally recognized faculty. I invite you to tour our site (or better yet visit our campus) and learn more about the School, its exciting future, and the many ways you can become involved.