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Undergraduate Student Clubs

Students' Union

The Anthropology Students Union of Tulane (ASUT) was formed in 1997 as the undergraduate anthropology group of Tulane. ASUT has several goals it strives to fulfill. One goal is to educate the Tulane community about anthropology through events such as Anthro Week. Another goal is to provide information to anthropology majors about graduate schools and other opportunities via an e-mail listserv. Finally, ASUT strives to bring together the anthropology majors, graduate students, professors, and staff through gatherings such as parties, picnics, and other events. In addition to these activities, ASUT also plans fundraisers, field trips, and lectures throughout the academic year.

Lambda Alpha

Lambda Alpha is the National Collegiate Honor Society for Anthropology. It encourages and recognizes excellence in undergraduate scholarly endeavors, and, through its Lambda Alpha Journal, publishes outstanding student papers as well as general anthropology news, announcements, and articles by practicing professionals. Each year one graduating senior nationwide is awarded a $5,000 scholarship. In 2005, Tulane Anthropology's Eliza Wethey, who founded our local Beta Chapter, won this national recognition. Each year, one rising junior is recognized with a $1,000 award. Graduate research grants are available on a competitive basis for students wishing to do thesis research abroad. Dr. Judith Maxwell is the faculty sponsor for the Beta Chapter.


Tulane Association of Linguistic Folk is an association dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of Linguistics at Tulane. TALK organizes talks, scrabble tournaments, linguistically-ept movie screenings, and social events to bring together linguistic aficionados.

Article Two of the TALK Constitution states: "The Purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Inform students and the public of the nature of linguistics
  2. Encourage students to pursue Linguistic studies
  3. Create interesting and informative activities relating to Linguistics
  4. Provide an infrastructure for students pursuing minors/majors in Linguistics."

Officers in the club hold the titles of Fearless Leader, Commander-in-Chump, Trove Guardian, Minister of Truth, and Back-up Lackey. Interested parties can contact TALK via e-mail at Dr. Judith Maxwell is the faculty sponsor for TALK.

The Linguistics Circle

The Linguistics Circle of Tulane sponsors lectures from linguists at Tulane, as well as other national and international institutions. Monthly "brown bags" bring area scholars together to discuss cutting-edge publications and ongoing research. Papers to be read at national meetings are often previewed in this forum. Undergraduate students writing their honors' theses are encouraged to share their work with the Circle, as are graduate students. To be put on the email announcement list for the Circle, please contact Dr. Judith Maxwell at