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Advising & Major Declaration

Declaring the Communication Major

Students who want to declare the major must first meet with Dr. William Saas to review the major requirements. Email to arrange a meeting.

Before your meeting with Dr. Saas:

  1. Download the “Major/Minor Declaration Form” ( Please fill out the “Student Information” section, sign, and save the form.
  2. Email the signed form both to Dr. Saas and your academic advisor before the meeting.
  3. Please fill out the “Communication Major Requirements Worksheet” before the meeting and note down any questions that you have about the major and the requirements. You are welcome to share and discuss your plans about how to progress towards graduation during the meeting.


Departmental Advising

In the meeting with Dr. Saas, students will be assigned to a departmental advisor (also called a major advisor). If you have any questions about the Communication major requirements, you should contact your departmental advisor, not Dr. Saas. When meeting with your departmental advisor, you should bring or send to them in advance:

  1. An up-to-date copy of your transcript or COMM audit.
  2. A completed copy of the “Communication Major Requirements Worksheet”.

If you have questions about core curriculum requirements, please contact your academic advisor at Mussafer Hall, not your departmental advisor.

If you have questions about course equivalency for study abroad courses, please first read the procedures for course equivalency requests. All questions about study abroad course equivalency should be sent to Mauro Porto