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Major Requirements

The major consists of ten (10) courses with a minimum of thirty (30) credits.

Required and Core Courses

NOTE: The Department of Communication has eliminated the course “Communication Studies” (COMM 2900). The course will not be required to Communication majors anymore and will not be a prerequisite to the core courses (listed below). Students should take any 2000-level Communication course in lieu of COMM 2900. The major continues to require 10 courses to graduate

Majors must complete three core courses, one in each area of the curriculum, preferably by the end of junior year. These core courses include:

  • In the Texts and Representation area, Film Analysis (COMM 3150) or Rhetorical Criticism (COMM 3250) or New Media Analysis (COMM 3350);
  • In the Identities and Relationships area, Cross-Cultural Analysis (COMM 3140) or Interaction Analysis (COMM 3240);
  • In the Structures and Institutions area, Technology Analysis (COMM 3160) or Media Analysis (COMM 3260).

Students who have an overall GPA of less than 2.50 when they declare the major must complete a 1000 or 2000 level course with a grade of C- or better before they will be allowed to enroll in a core course.


Of the seven electives, two (2) must be completed at the 3000 level or above and two (2) must be completed at the 4000 level or above

Honors Students

Students wishing to graduate with honors in Communication must take either the graduate seminar (COMM 6210 or 6220) or another 4000-level honors course, and complete an honors project/thesis. Students must register for the honors thesis with the Honors Program.