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Get TU Know New Faculty - Professor Chen

Professor Chen is a new assistant professor with the Communications Department. He studies the integration of cinema into the everyday functioning of institutions and its societal consequences, as well as modern China, researching the impact of cultural forms.

He plans to merge the two scholarly interests in a book, where he discusses “the relationship between cinema and educational reform in China from the 1910s to the 1940s.”

Chen has taught variations of Chinese Cinema classes at other institutions and is excited to teach the course here. It is one of his favorite subject areas to teach because it offers so much room for new knowledge.

“I like to approach the course as an experiment in cross-cultural communication, and beyond focusing on the films and their contexts, I use it as an opportunity to discuss the complex issues that are at stake...”

Outside of the classroom, Chen enjoys seeing films in the cinema, at festivals, and at special screenings. He is also very active and enjoys swimming, practicing yoga, and the occasional run. Chen also is an avid cook who tests dishes from many different cuisines, including a few recipes from Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Cookbook.

While Chen has yet to experience his first Mardi Gras in New Orleans, he already appreciates the culture of celebration in the city.

“I love the festiveness in New Orleans. There seems to be things happening every week, normal life gets put on hold, and people take costumes very seriously.”

He also appreciates the culture of the city’s residents, their hospitality and the diversity New Orleans offers.

“ I am really drawn to how diverse this city is, how it seems to border on a lot of different worlds, and its unique culture that comes out of being a harbor for so many very complicated, and fraught, histories.”

The time Chen has spent in the city at Tulane has been a positive experience, and so far he most enjoys “working with thoughtful students and being surrounded by very supportive and interesting colleagues.”

To learn more about Professor Chen and read some of his published work, visit his staff profile.

Professor Chen on the escalator from the Wong Kar-wai film Chungking Express.
Professor Chen on the escalator from the Wong Kar-wai film Chungking Express