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External M.A. Program

The External M.A. Program

The External M.A. Program

We accept highly qualified students with B.A.s in English or Literary Studies from excellent undergraduate institutions. The external M.A. Program has the same curricular requirements and opportunities as the 4+1 program, including the Certificate in Documentary Literary Studies. The external M.A. is designed for students who are enhancing their education for eventual application to a doctoral program.

We accept up to four courses of graduate work completed at other universities for transfer credit toward the M.A. degree. Although the program is designed to be completed in three semesters, students are permitted to complete it in four semesters.

The tuition for the program is approximately one-third of undergraduate tuition, not including fees. More information on tuition is available on the School of Liberal Arts' Applying to an SLA Graduate Program page.

The External M.A. Course of Study

The external M.A. program requires 10 courses. No M.A. thesis is required. Students typically take three or four courses per term. There are two required methodology courses, which students usually complete in their first year: ENLS 7890 Fundamentals of Literary Theory (usually offered in fall) and ENLS 7050 Bibliography and Research Methods (usually offered in spring).

A typical course of study for an entering student in the external M.A. program would be:

Year 1 Fall: ENLS 7890-Fundamentals of Literary Theory + 2 graduate seminars/proseminars.

Year 1 Spring: ENLS 7050-Bibliography and Methods + 2 graduate seminars/proseminars.

Year 2 Fall: 4 graduate seminars/proseminars. If students are pursuing the Certificate in Documentary Literary Studies, they would take the internship course (ENLS 7920) in the first or second of the three semesters, and complete their portfolio in the following semester.


How to Apply to the External M.A. Program

The application deadline is February 15, 2019. Application forms are available online through the School of Liberal Arts.

Via the form, please submit the following materials:

1. Statement of purpose.

2. Names and electronic contact information of two persons who will electronically submit letters of academic recommendation on your behalf.

3. Self-reported GRE scores in Verbal and Quantitative. (All applicants are also required to submit official GRE scores. They should direct ETS to send official GRE scores to Tulane's School of Liberal Arts, Code 6183.)

4. An unofficial transcript from each university attended.

5. A 10-20 page research paper on a topic in Literary Studies.

Applicants will be notified of the department's decision on their application by the Office of Graduate Programs in Tulane's School of Liberal Arts.

Joel Dinerstein, Director of Graduate Studies
Department of English
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Office: Norman Mayer 207
Phone: (504)862-8168
Fax: (504)862-8958