4+1 M.A. Program


The Department of English offers two Master’s degree programs: a two-year 4+1 M.A. program for Tulane undergraduate English majors, and a three-semester external M.A. program for English or Literature majors with B.A. degrees from Tulane or from other institutions. Each has its own admission requirements and its own timetable to completion.

Students who have earned M.A. degrees in our programs have gone on to doctoral programs and law schools. They have embarked on careers as journalists as well as editors at magazines and publishing houses. Several of our graduates now teach in public and private secondary schools. We have graduates who work on staff as museum curators and in rare book libraries. But some of our graduates go on to careers not directly related to the degree. They chose to pursue the M.A. in order to challenge themselves, to continue the study of literature they enjoy, and to acquire a credential that adds value to their employment profile.

The 4+1 M.A. Program

The 4+1 M.A. program in English serves Tulane English majors who are interested in pursuing careers or further education in literary studies, museum studies, library science, secondary teaching, and publishing, to name a few of the areas to which our students gravitate. The program begins in the student's senior year and continues for one additional year (the "+1" year) towards completion of the M.A. degree.

During the "+1" year, tuition is approximately one-third the cost of regular undergraduate tuition, not including fees. Regular tuition applies to the senior year. More information on "+1" year tuition is available on the School of Liberal Arts' Applying to an SLA Graduate Program page.

Undergraduate scholarships do not transfer to the "+1" year.

The 4+1 M.A. Course of Study

The program is designed so that students can complete the program in two years by taking two required graduate courses in their senior year, Bibliography and Research Methods (ENLS 7050) in the fall term, and Fundamentals of Literary Theory (ENLS 7890) in the spring term.

These two courses count as a 4000- or 5000-level elective course in the undergraduate English major, and they count as well toward the credit hour total for undergraduate graduation. Students must fill out and submit to their academic advisor a Degree Audit Substitution Form supplied by the Director of Graduate Studies to obtain undergraduate credit for these courses. This form must be signed for approval by the English Department's Director of Graduate Studies or Director of Undergraduate Studies. (Of course, both courses concurrently count toward the graduate degree.)

In the second, "+1" year, students are expected to take four courses in each semester.

A typical course of study for an entering student in the 4+1 program would be:

Fall Senior Year: ENLS 7050, Bibliography and Research Methods
Spring Senior Year: ENLS 7890, Fundamentals of Literary Theory
Fall “+1” Year: 4 seminars/proseminars
Spring "+1" Year: 4 seminars/proseminars

Students are encouraged to take up to two graduate courses in other departments, by direct petition to the Director of Graduate Studies. No graduate courses are offered during the summer term.

How to Apply to the 4+1 Program

Applications are made online at  https://applygrad.tulane.edu/apply
Review of applications will begin April 15, 2025 and conclude May 15, 2025.

Application check list:

  1. An application cover letter (optional)
  2. A completed Application Form. 
  3. Writing Samples totaling 10-20 pages on topics in Literary Studies.
  4. Your undergraduate degree audit.
  5. Two recommendations from English department faculty (not Creative Writing).
  6. $30 Application fee.