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Freshman Writing Program

Satisfying the Freshman Writing Requirement

The Department of English offers the 4-credit hour course that satisfies the freshman writing requirement, ENGL 1010.  This course has multiple sections, usually between 35 and 40 each term, to accommodate each student in the freshman class who needs the course.  While sections may center on different themes, every section teaches the fundamentals of composition, expository writing, argument, rhetoric, and logic that enable students to succeed in their college careers and beyond.  Students with an AP credit score of  4 or 5 in English do not have to take ENGL 1010.  This required course must be taken in the fall or spring terms of the freshman year. The number of students in any given section of ENGL 1010 is 15 or fewer.  Most sections of ENGL 1010 are taught by our postdoctoral fellows, experienced instructors who meet regularly with individual students to provide personalized instruction. 

The core objectives of the freshman writing course are to improve the student’s ability to write complex, coherent, and clear arguments that reflect a strong knowledge of the subject about which they are writing.  These objectives are met through a series of graduated writing assignments related to the theme of the course, including research essays, that include opportunities for editing and revision throughout the term.
The Freshman Writing Program is administered by the Department of English. 

The Interim Director of Freshman Writing, Anne-Marie Womack, is responsible for the scheduling and staffing of freshman writing courses.  You can reach her at or by calling 504-865-5160.