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The Tulane University Orchestra is always looking for new members. To schedule an interview/ hearing please contact Dr. Maxim Samarov at or (504) 247-1691.

Information for joining the Tulane University Marching Band can be found at the Tulane University Marching Band website.

Membership for the Tulane Concert Band is open to all students, through registration to course APMS-2182. Prospective musicians may contact Barry Spanier, director of bands, regarding auditions and details, at

For more information, and to schedule an audition for Tulane University Jazz Ensembles at the start of the semester, contact the Newcomb Department of Music at (504) 865-5267 or send us an e-mail at

Auditions for Tulane University Choirs usually occur on the first evening of classes, and a flyer and a sign-in sheet are usually posted about a week before that, on the door of Dixon Hall, room 101. You can prepare a piece, or just show up ready to sing. More information can be found on the Tulane University Choir web page

For more information and to schedule an audition for the Tulane Percussion Ensemble contact Doug Walsh at: or (504) 427-3027

Auditions for the Opera Workshop will take place in the semester prior to opera production. For more information and to schedule an audition you can contact Prof. Amy Pfrimmer at