Graduate Degree Programs & Requirements

The Department of Music offers the Master of Arts degree in Composition, Musicology and Music Science and Technology and the Master of Fine Arts degree in Performance and Musical Theatre. If you have any questions about the following material please contact us at (504) 865-5267 or

The MFA in Musical Theatre is temporarily suspended while the program and its faculty positions are reorganized. Please check back in Fall 2024 for an update.

Entrance Requirements:

Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Fine Arts, or equivalent degree from a recognized university or conservatory.

Evidence of musical knowledge equivalent to that of an undergraduate music major at Tulane.

Application and General Info:

Prospective Graduate Students
tel: 504-865-5100

  • Submit the on-line application
  • Submit the on-line letters of recommendation
  1. Composers must submit a portfolio of three original compositions in PDF format and submit the corresponding audio files (or links to audio files) through the “Portfolio” section of the application portal. Compositions should be for different instrumental/vocal ensembles.
  2. Performers in all areas (Jazz, Musical Theater, Piano, Voice) must submit a video file or link through the “Portfolio” section of the application portal. The video(s) should demonstrate proficiency in the respective performance area and ideally works chosen from a variety of times and places.
  3. Musicologists must submit a short paper demonstrating their ability to write on and research musical topics in PDF format through the “Writing Sample” section of the application portal. The sample may be brief, and undergraduate papers are acceptable, as long as the sample demonstrates fundamental research and writing skills.

* Applicants will be notified if further auditions are necessary.

Degree Requirements:

Composition Candidates for the M.A. degree in composition must complete at least 24 semester hours of course work (including MUSC 7010, 7020, 7040) and must present a recital of original works including a major, extended work (consult with Head of Composition for details).

Musicology Candidates for the M.A. degree - Applications are accepted every other year. The next round of applications is due on February 1, 2024. Accepted students will start the program in the fall.

The Master of Arts degree in Musicology offers strengths in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as New Orleans and the larger Gulf South region. Admitted students will choose electives and work with faculty advisors based on their specific interests in these areas. For further inquiries, please contact Prof. Ana Sánchez-Rojo.

Candidates for the M.A. in Musicology must complete a total of 24 credits and write a satisfactory master’s thesis.

2 required courses=6 credits MUSC-7030 Introduction to Graduate Study
  MUSC-6940 The Cultural Study of Music and Sound
6 elective courses*=18 credits. At least 3 need to be taken from this list. MUSC-6060 Culture and Power in New Orleans
  MUSC Latin American Popular Music
  MUSC-6941 Creative Process
  MUSC-6943 The Latin Tinge
  SPAN-6160 Sound Studies in Latin America
  MUSC-6270 Indigenous Media and Sound in Latin America
  MUSC-6330 Music of the Latin American Outlaws
  MUSC-6840 Music, Religion, Spirit
  MUSC Music of Brazil

Students may choose to take up to three electives related to their research interests in other departments. Interdisciplinary courses must be approved by the music faculty.

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Other Instruments Candidates for the M.F.A. degree in performance must take 30 hours of course work, with 18 hours in music literature, theory, history, performance, or other appropriate areas and 12 semester hours of lessons in voice or in the specialized instrument. In place of a thesis the candidate must perform a full-length recital of 90 minutes.

Candidates for the M.F.A. degree in Musical Theatre must take 36 hours of course work and must either perform a recital or choreograph or direct a major musical theatre production. The MFA in Musical Theatre is temporarily suspended while the program and its faculty positions are reorganized. Please check back in Fall 2024 for an update. Performers must submit a headshot and resume to the head of the Musical Theatre Program. The performers will be expected to audition live or with a video. The audition will include two songs and a monologue. Dance is optional.

Financial Assistance:

The Music Department has a limited number of full-tuition waivers which are offered on a merit basis. A full tuition waiver requires that the student be enrolled in a minimum of three courses per semester; a half tuition scholarship requires that the student be enrolled in two courses per semester. The Music Department also offers a limited number of teaching opportunities either in the classroom or in private lessons under the supervision of a major professor. Second-year graduate students have the opportunity to serve as residence hall counselors. If interested, the student should contact the Office of Student Housing during their first semester of graduate study. Opportunities for non-academic employment on campus or in the New Orleans area exist. Consult the Office of Student Employment and the Chair of the Music Department.

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