Maynard Klein Award

Annual Application Procedures

The Maynard J. Klein/Friedrich E. Stoll ’48, M.D., Musician’s Award Fund-Endowed was established and endowed in 1995 by Friedrich E. Stoll, Tulane College ’48, M.D., in memory of the late Maynard J. Klein, Professor Emeritus of Music and Director of Choirs Emeritus, the income to be used to support “The Maynard J. Klein/Friedrich E. Stoll ’48 M.D., Musician’s Award,” conferred once or twice annually upon one or more music faculty members and/or students, based upon written application, to assist them in their pursuit of their educational objectives, or in their research or performance activities.

All faculty members, graduate and undergraduate (major and minor) students of the Newcomb Music department of Music are eligible to apply.

Graduate and undergraduate students must have the endorsement of a music faculty member to apply.

Undergraduate students (except those in their first semester) must apply first to the George Lurcy Grant Program of the Newcomb-Tulane College and show proof of application.


  • November 1 of the preceding year for activities planned for the spring semester of the academic year (i.e., November 1, 2022, for spring 2023 activities). The faculty will communicate a decision by November 30.
  • March 1 for activities planned for the summer between academic years or for the following fall semester of the academic year. The faculty will communicate a decision by March 31.

Application Components:

  1. Cover sheet completed and signed by the student and by the faculty sponsor.
  2. Maximum of 1 page, typed,
    A.) Stating the case for funding.
    B.) Explaining how the support requested will further the applicant’s educational objectives and enhance his or her professional standing in music.
    C.) Explaining how the proposed project contributes to the musical and intellectual life of the Newcomb Department of Music
  3. A budget specifying the exact amount of support requested should be included, with a justification.