Recital Preparation

Logistics - Mr. Batt -

  • Email Mr. Batt to coordinate date, time, and location of recital
  • Make sure you confirm your final choice with Mr. Batt so your recital is properly scheduled in the departmental calendar. copy Ms. Magavina on this final confirmation if you need a collaborative pianist
  • Coordinate with Mr. Batt at least a week in advance if you require special equipment or tech

Music Coordination - Ms. Magavina-

  • Copy Ms. Magavina on the confirmation of your recital date, time, and location if you require a collaborative pianist
  • Provide a copy of your music to Ms. Magavina no later than one month before your recital
  • If you would like to rehearse with Ms. Magavina, you must schedule with her at least one week in advance

Programs & Posters - Ms. Fannin-

  • Everyone must have a program for their recital. complete the jotform below at least two weeks before your recital
  • If you would like a poster for your recital, please send your recital information and a hi-res photo of yourself to Ms. Fannin

Complete Recital Program Info Here:

Download Recital Checklist for your information: Recital Checklist.pdf