Band/Orchestral Room

The large instrumental ensembles of the Tulane University Music Department rehearse in Dixon Annex, Room 260. This room is the primary space for the Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphony Orchestra, and Jazz ensembles. It is equipped with full concert percussion, piano, amplifiers, chairs, and stands. Adjoining the main room are a harp studio, instrument storage room, and music library.

Electroacoustic Composition Studio

The Newcomb Music Department's Electroacoustic Composition Studio is a state of the art computer music studio for creation of new electroacoustic music. The studio provides an ideal listening environment with a quadraphonic monitoring system, a Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing console and control surface, various outboard synthesizers and samplers, a Pro Tools|24 TDM system, and extensive software for multimedia (Adobe and Macromedia), MIDI sequencing and digital multitracking (Pro Tools TDM, Logic, Digital Performer, etc.), interactive music (MAX/MSP, Pd, SuperCollider), sound design (Peak, AudioSculpt, Hyperprism, and numerous TDM, RTAS, MAS, and VST plug-ins, etc.), and algorithmic composition (PatchWork, OpenMusic, etc.).

The studio is open to MST students only.

Computer Music Lab

The Newcomb Music Department's Computer Music lab is a multi-use facility for teaching, composition, computer music (sequencing, hard disk recording and editing, and sound design), music publishing, musicianship (fundamentals of theory and ear training), musicology (transcription and analysis). The lab is equipped with thirteen Dell workstations (1.6 GHz) with Windows XP and CD authoring. Each workstation is equipped with a Roland RS-9 or RS-5 synthesizer, Digidesign Digi 003 Rack audio and MIDI interface, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, Cakewalk Sonar, Adobe Audition, MAX/MSP, MATLAB, Finale and Sibelius, and Band-in-a-box. The lab also provides a networked printer and scanner, as well as networked storage.

For more information about the computer music facilities, please refer to the Tulane Music Technology (tMt) website.

Dixon Concert Hall

The Dixon Concert Hall comfortably seats 1,000 people. Dixon Hall's busy schedule includes performances by world renowned artists such as the Emerson String Quartet and the Beaux Arts Trio. The Newcomb Music Department's concert band, symphony orchestra, and jazz ensembles frequently perform here, as well as classical piano and guitar concert series. Dixon Concert Hall is also home to the critically acclaimed Summer Lyric Theater and Friends of Music Concert Series.

Dixon Concert Hall view from stage
Dixon Concert Hall view from balcony

Dixon Recital Hall

The Dixon Recital and Lecture Hall seats 180 people. In addition to class lectures, both students and master musicians regularly perform here. The hall also has a control booth that is fully equipped for recording.

Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel

The intimate, yet acoustically open Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel seats 120 people. The chapel is also home to a fine chamber organ. During the school year, the chapel is home to the Music at Midday concert series-every Wednesday at noon.

Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel view from back
Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel view from front
Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel view from side back
Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel view from back