Support & Giving

Tulane University students interested in pursuing a degree in music face an astounding array of different options regarding their area of specialization. In view of the complexity of our discipline the Music Department must prepare our students to successfully function in the musical environment of their choice and provide them with the tools to fulfill their creative potential. Our courses range from those that focus on the development of performance and traditional compositional skills to those that emphasize electronic media, digital signal processing, electric instrument design or music business.

Providing guidance and the proper artistic environment conducive to teaching our young talented students the many extraordinarily complex skills that are required to truly appreciate music is a huge responsibility that the faculty at Tulane Music Department takes very seriously. To fulfill that responsibility to the best of our ability, we need your help. Our ensembles need instruments, instruments need to be maintained. There is a constant need for sophisticated electronic equipment for music composition, recording, and performance. Facilities need to be upgraded. Concert series, lectures, demonstrations, master classes, and conference are an integral part of any artist's education and must be organized on a regular basis.

All gifts to the Tulane Music Department are considered charitable donations.  Contributions may be made directly to the Music Department. You may specify exactly which program at the music department you would like to support. Contact Charlie Hayes, department office manager, at (504) 865-5271 or at for more information.

You can also chose to make a major gift to the Music Department. Major gifts can include bequests made through a will; deferred gifts that provide life income for the donor or another person designated by the donor, and then benefit the Music Department; and outright gifts, such as cash or marketable securities.

A gift can also add to or create an endowed fund that keeps the principal intact and uses only the income. The Tulane Music Department has several endowed funds to which you can contribute. We can also establish a new endowed fund for a minimum of $20,000 in your name or the name of someone you wish to honor.

We can set up funds to:

  • purchase equipment such as computers (hardware and software), printers, scanners, and projectors for the department
  • purchase and maintain musical instruments
  • purchase CDs , DVDs, books and music scores
  • provide funds for undergraduate and graduate student stipends
  • fund undergraduate, graduate or faculty research

If you would like more information about major gifts, planned gifts, or the tax implications of helping the Tulane Music Department, please get in touch with the Office of Gift Planning.

Phone: 1-800-999-0181
Fax: 504-865-6778