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Antony Sandoval Professor Department of Theatre & Dance Tulane University

Antony Sandoval

Theatre Coordinator


MFA, University of Delaware


Originally from France, Antony Sandoval has been working as an actor and director all over the world. His directing credits include various productions for Tadashi Suzuki's Theatre Company at the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center in Shizuoka and in Toga Mura, Japan. He also directs in the United States where he has received a "Garland" and "LA Weekly" Award for Best Director as well as a nomination for an Ovation Award for Best Direction. Some of his directorial work was seen at the Franko National Theatre in Kiev, Ukraine where he opened a new adaptation of the book Heart of Dog at the first International Bulgakov Festival. His production, The Tale of Mephisto, was also invited at the Gimhae Asian Performing Art Festival (GAPA) in South Korea. His acting credits include performing in Japan under the direction of renowned director Tadashi Suzuki. He has also performed throughout the USA in various festivals and has appeared on many occasions on television shows and in movies. He is one of the founding members of the "International Theatre Laboratorium-USA"