Tulane University, Department of Theatre and Dance offers diverse classes for undergraduate students, designed to give students learning opportunities in performance, design, history, theory and criticism, and pedagogy. Our faculty work locally, nationally, and internationally, employing various methodologies and aesthetics.

Tulane University, Department of Theatre and Dance usually presents three to four mainstage theatrical productions in an academic year. Students can audition to perform or work backstage to get hands on experience working with the esteemed professionals on staff and in our faculty.

Students also have the opportunity to submit applications to produce their own performance. Accepted works rehearse and present in the experimental black box, the Lab Theatre.

The Theatre and Dance Department offers undergraduate degrees a Bachelors of Art (with concentrations in Acting, Design, or Theatre Generalist) a Bachelors of Fine Art in Design and Bachelors of Art in Digital Media Practices – a coordinate major within the School of Liberal Arts. Auditions are required for the BA in Acting. Candidates may move from the BA to the BFA at the end of their sophomore year (with advisor approval).

Students interested in Design should submit a letter of application to the Head of the Design Program, requesting admission into the track.

Students interested in being theatre majors are strongly encouraged to seek departmental advisement to create a curriculum plan, especially if considering either a semester or year abroad. Majors should finish the Theatre core curriculum as early as possible. The core course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Theatre consist of: THEA 2010, 2110, 3340, 3350, 3311, 3312, 3313, 2810 or 4710, 4720, 4730 or 4750 (24-27 credits).

COURSES (undergrad/ grad)

Theatre Core Requirements for All Emphases:

Course IDTitleCredits
Core Courses  
THEA 2010Performance I3
THEA 2110Acting I3
THEA 3311Scene Shop Practicum 11
THEA 3312Costume Shop Practicum 11
THEA 3313Running Crew Practicum 11
THEA 3340Production & Design I 13
THEA 3350Production & Design II 13
Select 3 theatre studies courses, one from each category:
1 foundations course: 
THEA 2810 
THEA 4710
Global Theatre and Performance 
Foundations of Theatre History
3, 4
1 modern and contemporary non-US course: 
THEA 4720
Modern and Contemporary Non-US Theatre3, 4
1 US theatre course: 
THEA 4730 
THEA 4750
US Theatre History 
African American Theatre History
3, 4
Total Credit Hours 24-27

1  THEA 3311 Scene Shop Practicum (1 c.h.) and THEA 3312 Costume Shop Practicum (1 c.h.) must be taken with THEA 3340 Production & Design I (3 c.h.)/THEA 3350 Production & Design II (3 c.h.) (in any order), one section of THEA 3313 Running Crew Practicum (1 c.h.), and one free option from 3311-3314, which included Box Office.

THEA 3315 Acting Practicum (1 ch.) does not count toward the major or minor

For more course information, look at Tulane's course catalog website.

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For more information on the undergraduate degrees, courses, or general information about Theatre and performances at Tulane, please email tutd@tulane.edu.