Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with an English Major?

Majoring in English provides students with a range of broadly transferable skills, such as the ability to read and think analytically, the ability to conduct and interpret research, and superior writing and communication skills. For more specific advice and information, please refer to the page in this site on Career Paths for English Majors and to the Office of Career Services.

How do I receive honors in English?

Departmental Honors are awarded to majors who have attained 3.5 GPA in their major courses and have successfully completed an honors thesis in their senior year. If you are thinking of writing an honors thesis, you should consult first with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or with your faculty advisor in the English Department. The next step is with the help of the above to find a faculty member in the department who will agree to be the director of your thesis. Once you have found a faculty director, you must also meet with the Director of the Honors Program. For more information on the format and timetable of the thesis, consult with the Honors Program. The English Department will count four honors thesis credits (the equivalent of one course) towards your major requirements once the thesis is successfully defended.

Can courses from other departments or institutions count towards my major?

Sometimes. No course outside the department may substitute for your ENLS 5010 capstone seminar. No course from another Tulane department can count towards a distribution requirement in the major, with very rare exceptions given by permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. With the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, one course from another Tulane department can count as an elective in the major. No more than four courses from another college or university can count towards the major. To secure approval for such transfer credit, a transfer of credit form (available from the Center for Academic Advising) must be signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

How do I find out who my faculty advisor is?

Your faculty advisor is assigned to you when you declare the English major. If you are unsure who your advisor is, ask the administrative staff in the English Department office (Norman Mayer 122) or email the department at english@tulane.edu.

How do I join Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honors Society)?

See the requirements and procedures described on the Sigma Tau Delta page of this web site.

Does my writing proficiency class (ENGL 1010) count towards my major?


How can I fulfill my writing intensive requirement in the English Department?

ENLS 2630, ENLS 3650, and ENLS 5010 (the capstone seminar) are designated as writing intensive courses. A one-credit writing practicum (ENLS 5880) is attached to ENLS 5010. This practicum must be concurrently registered with ENLS 5010. English majors can also fulfill their writing intensive requirement through the Spring portion of their Honors Thesis (ENLS 5000).

How do I declare a Concentration in Creative Writing?

You can declare a concentration in Creative Writing when you declare your major or at any point thereafter to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or to your faculty advisor. For more information on the Creative Writing concentration, refer to the page in this site on the Creative Writing Concentration or consult with Professor Zachary Lazar (zlazar@tulane.edu).

How do I apply for the 4+1 M.A. Program in English?

English majors who meet the requirements for admission to this program are sent a letter of invitation to apply in the late spring semester of their junior year. For additional information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies and consult the pages in this site on the Graduate Program.