Ana Sanchez Rojo, Tulane University

Ana Sánchez-Rojo

Assistant Professor of Music; Musicology


Ph.D. University of Chicago


Ana Sánchez-Rojo completed her doctorate in music history at the University of Chicago. She is currently writing a book tentatively titled Troubling Modernity: Music and Cultural Debates in Late-Enlightenment Spain. Ana S.R. specializes in the cultural history of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music of the Spanish Empire, both in the peninsula and in the Americas. Her work on this area has been published both in English and Spanish. She also researches Latin American popular music and has presented on this topic at different interdisciplinary conferences and workshops.



  • MUSC-1410, History of Western Music to 1800
  • MUSC-2450, Intro to Opera
  • MUSC-3310, Music of Mexico and Central America
  • MUSC-3460/6840, Music,Religion, Spirit
  • MUSC-4330/6330, Music of the Latin American Outlaws
  • MUSC-1050, The Art of Music