Message from the Dean - March 2017


“Oh, the places you will go and the people you will see”

Carole Haber, Tulane University
Dean Carole Haber, Professor of History

With apologies to Dr. Seuss, this month’s newsletter truly demonstrates the world that is open to SLA faculty, students, and alumni. In terms of education, careers, or research, the possibilities seem limitless; the globe has become the stage for the creative members of the liberal arts community.

The programs in SLA certainly support this wide range of possibilities. Creative pre-medical scholars use their majors to pave the road to medical school; students in 3/3 law program combine their BA with legal training; one alumnae demonstrates the ability to move from teaching to editing to business with skill and grace. And, armed with a background in liberal arts, our graduate students follow paths as divergent as speech pathology to archaeology and art history.

What ties all these roads together is a willingness to journey into new ideas, new countries, and new approaches. Students travel from international food markets to new countries; faculty take their talents to new lands or bring the ideas of their native countries to Tulane. As these pieces make clear, the question should never be, “what do you do with a liberal arts degree,” but in fact, “what can’t you do?”

In This Issue:

  • Creative Premedical Scholars Program
  • 3/3 Law Programs
  • English / History Alumni Spotlight
  • Linguistics Alumni Spotlights
  • Dumbarton Oaks Fellowships
  • Learning Spanish through culinary traditions of Latin America
  • Amy Pfrimmer's News from the Field
  • New Orleans as Told by an Arab American Immigrant
  • SLA Hosts Modern Israeli Society Chair Events