Tulane Professor Works as Dialect Coach on Season 2 of ‘The OA’ on Netflix


Amy Chaffee, Tulane University
Amy Chaffee, Voice and Speech professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance

Tulane Professor Amy Chaffee, Voice and Speech professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, is currently working as a Dialect Coach on Season 2 of "The OA," a popular Netflix Series. This work coincides with her research as a Dialect Coach in theatre, film, and television. The actor she coaches, Jason Isaacs, is a Liverpool-born English actor with a degree from Central School of Drama in London. Isaacs was hugely popular in the first season as the villain, Hap.

Isaacs created his own American accent for his part in Season 1. Now, three years later, Chaffee is helping Isaacs replicate what he originally created. "This is challenging, but since there is a record of it, we have lots to match," said Chaffee.

Chaffee preps Isaacs via skype and through limited on-set coaching sessions while they are shooting. "I can't discuss the locations of shooting, unfortunately. But, I do work with Isaacs in-person, on the day of the shoot," said Chaffee.

The OA series, created by and starring Brit Marling, was a surprise hit. The entire season is only 8 episodes long but it plays like one long indie thriller. Principal Photography on the season began in January and shoots on location throughout the U.S. Chaffee could not comment on the content or nature of the new season, but said,"It's a thriller. Rest assured, fans of the series will be very satisfied with the new direction of the story."

The OA Netflix Series