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Students Raise Money for NOLA Homeless


 Jack Buczkowski, Declan Rogers, Harris Goldstein, and Ben Klebanoff.
ReCycle Tiny Homes, a nonprofit organization started by Tulane undergraduates, uses long distance cycling to raise money to build tiny homes for New Orleans homeless. Tulane students (L-R): Jack Buczkowski, Declan Rogers, Harris Goldstein, and Ben Klebanoff.

By Mary Sparacello

A group of Tulane University students is using long-distance cycling to facilitate their desire to help the homeless. Having cleverly named their organization reCycle Tiny Homes, these passionate students are leading sponsored bicycle trips across the country. The proceeds will be used to build tiny homes for New Orleans homeless people.


ReCycle Tiny Homes’ first bike trip began May 15 and ends May 25. The cyclists are traveling 733 miles from Savannah, Georgia to New Orleans. “My idea is to inspire those who are thriving to help those who are struggling to survive,” says co-founder Jack Buczkowski, in a video on the organization’s GoFundMe site.

Co-founder Harris Goldstein, who, with Buczkowski, is a rising junior in the School of Liberal Arts, says he was drawn to the organization by his desire to help others and his passion for long-distance cycling. Fellow member Ben Klebanoff, a rising junior majoring in Business and Digital Media Production, says the cause is inspirational. “By putting oneself in a challenging situation like this, it really inspires people to donate to such a great cause,” he says.

The money they raise will help build a tiny home to give to Santosha Village. Santosha will be a 30-unit micro home village for New Orleans homeless, run by the homeless. ReCycle Tiny Homes hopes to build additional tiny homes for Santosha in the upcoming year and to develop future bike trips.

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