School of Liberal Arts Faculty Research Awards

The School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office is pleased to continue its commitment to expand funding for scholarly research and creative endeavors by tenure-line faculty.

The Dean’s Office will award $5,000 to ten faculty members each academic year to support research and/or creative projects.

These grants are intended to help faculty make progress on major projects, advance toward tenure and promotion, as well as expand the impact and reach of their work. We expect to distribute the awards evenly across all three faculty ranks.

Proposals that seed new research or creative projects will be considered along with those aimed at advancing or completing those projects already underway. Budget items may include travel for scholarly research, expenses supporting creative endeavors, collaborative meetings, research supplies, etc. Faculty may make the case for other less typical research expenses when appropriate.

The applicable grant period is within one year following receipt (notice) of the award. As a requirement of accepting such an award, in lieu of submitting a final report, the faculty member agrees to submit at the conclusion of the grant period either an article or monograph to a top-tier scholarly journal or press or a new, major grant proposal for further support of the project. Equivalents in the fine and performing arts should be proposed in the application itself. Whichever option is elected, the faculty member should submit evidence of fulfillment of this requirement to the Dean’s Office within the 12 months following completion of the grant/purpose for which funds were awarded. Indication that an article or monograph has been submitted/accepted (or its equivalent in creative fields), or a copy of a major grant proposal, will be required for consideration in future SLA grant and subvention competitions. Questions regarding the definition of “top-tier” may be referred to the Dean’s Office.

Proposals will be reviewed twice per year by the SLA Executive Committee. Proposals can be accepted, rejected, or deferred to the next cycle. In ordinary circumstances, these research awards will not be granted to faculty receiving a Lurcy Grant in the same academic year.

Application Deadlines: 
November 9 
April 1

Tenure-line faculty must complete and submit this web application form along with one PDF to include a short CV (2 to 3 pages maximum), as noted below:

What outcome do you envision as a result of this project:
A short CV (2 to 3 pages maximum).
One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
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