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A Studio in the Woods Faculty Fellowship

New Residence Opportunity for SLA Faculty at a Studio in the Woods

The School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office is pleased to offer a means by which to support faculty research and creative endeavors during a period when it is harder than ever to find spaces outside the home to do concentrated work. For the third year in a row, SLA is partnering with A Studio in the Woods to award four one-week residencies for SLA faculty during the 2022-23 academic year. These residencies will provide a retreat for faculty in a beautiful, secluded setting, a 25-minute drive from New Orleans.

Faculty may use the retreat to write scholarly publications, work on creative projects, or begin work on a new project.

ELIGIBILITY Open to all tenure-line SLA faculty. Open to any discipline or area.

AWARD AMOUNT For those selected, the School of Liberal Arts will cover all administrative fees (there will be no fees charged by A Studio in the Woods for your residence). In addition, recipients will receive a stipend of $500 to help defray costs associated with a one-week residency. Funds are intended to help cover costs of transportation (including car rental), groceries, childcare, and other miscellaneous expenses. Studio in the Woods provides room, utilities and work-space. Residents are expected to prepare their own meals.

See here for more details on the experience at Studio in the Woods:

Testimonials from previous Liberal Arts faculty residents:

“I have been an academic writer for twenty years and the ASITW residency may be the best single thing that has ever happened for me. I did not know how much I needed the quiet time in the middle of otherwise routine research and writing life. As Tulane faculty, who benefits from all that living in New Orleans offers, I would have never described the city as particularly noisy for a writing mind. But all cities are in the end noisy; and all writing in the end needs at least a little quiet. If I could come and sit in that studio or a space similar at least once a year for the rest of my career I would do it over and over again, so transformative was the benefit.”

– Laura Rosanne Adderley, Associate Professor of History

“The gift of this protected time and space enabled me to immerse myself entirely in the project. My residency proved to be an enormously productive stretch. I could give myself over to worrying about the sound of words, the rhythm of sentences, and the logic of arguments.”

– Andy Horowitz, Assistant Professor of History

“I had the most wonderful stay at A Studio in the Woods. It’s only 30 minutes away from the city and yet it feels far, like another dimension. A bubble. A place to disconnect and reconnect, with work, and nature, and life. It’s a magic place to let ideas and words flow. I cannot yet believe in only a week there I managed to finish revisions for an article and start a new book chapter, all feeling happy and refreshed.” 

– Amalia Leguizamón, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Latin American Studies

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – Applications are due by May 8, 2023

Submit a proposal no more than two pages in length, that addresses the following:

  • Short project description
  • Scope of work for your time in residence
  • How a week at Studio in the Woods will benefit your professional goals and/or career trajectory at this time
  • Preferences for scheduling your week at Studio in the Woods

Proposals will be judged and faculty selections made by the Liberal Arts Dean’s Office

Please note that recipients of this award will need to coordinate their travel plans with Studio in the Woods and will need to be flexible as to dates of their residence. Not all days are available or can be accommodated. We will select alternates in case mutually convenient dates cannot be found