Book Subvention Fund Application

Description: Tenure-track and tenured faculty may apply for grants designed to cover portions of costs related to the publication of scholarly books (generally monographs) by university and well-established academic presses that use peer-review mechanisms. Faculty may also submit applications for the support of scholarly translations and edited primary works; in these cases, evidence should be submitted demonstrating the value of such texts to given fields of study and the significance of the scholarly apparatus.

Only books already accepted for publication can be submitted for support. Co-edited works and textbooks are ineligible for consideration. Co-authored books will be considered provided that the first author is a Tulane author. A request for a subvention for a co-authored book is not a guarantee of support.

Eligible items include author contributions toward production costs, illustrations, and copyright permissions; faculty authors should communicate to their presses the potential availability of university funds to support production costs of their books, which may in many cases help authors negotiate more favorable publication arrangements. Costs for tasks typically considered authorial (such as indexing and copy editing or developmental editorial work) are ineligible. Faculty may make a case for special consideration, and the committee will entertain such requests alongside other subvention and publication costs. Beginning in 2022-23, tenure-line faculty may also use their department-allocated annual conference support funds for such costs; faculty with named chairs and professorships that provide discretionary funds may use those funds toward such costs.

Typical awards will cover a percentage of the author’s contribution and will not normally surpass $5000.

Authors whose works are supported through the Dean’s office must include an acknowledgment in the book’s preface to “Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts” and provide one copy of the subsidized book to the School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office (Attention:  Tara Hamburg), 102 Newcomb Hall.

Deadlines. Applications will be accepted three times per year:

  • August 31
  • October 31
  • February 28

Application Process:

Applications will be evaluated by the Executive Committee.

Individuals must complete and submit this web application form along with one PDF containing additional documentation, as noted below:

mm/yyyy $ Amount, and Purpose one per line

Also provide one PDF document with the following information:

  1. Summary of Request. Please provide a brief description (500 words or less) of the request for funds.  Describe the value of the book to given fields of study; list other sources and amounts of support and attempts to secure funding elsewhere
  2. Copy of the formal letter of acceptance from the publisher 
  3. Copy of book contract   
  4. An itemized statement by the publisher of the amount required 
  5. An itemized statement or invoice from vendors for costs incurred or to be incurred, along with receipts or evidence of payment for costs already incurred by the author 
  6. If relevant:  For subvention requests for co-authored books, the Tulane author (the primary author) needs to provide evidence that the co-author has gained or applied for book subvention-related funding from their home institution; itemize/specify the expenses that potentially will be covered by the co-author’s funding source   
  7. CV (2 to 3 pages maximum) 

Any questions regarding the book subvention fund can be directed to Tara Hamburg (

One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.