This archive is the product of the 2019-20 Sabbatical Research of Professor Martin Sachs. It encompasses the production history of the department from its inception in 1937 to the present. It is still a work in progress. It houses photos, programs, articles, reviews, and other pieces related to the department in general.

There is an Excel Spread Sheet that breaks down each season by show. There is a hyperlink either by Season or individual show.

In addition, there are other files that we hope our alums and friends enjoy. Currently, it is set up as view only. For access to download images, contact the department at (504) 314-7760 for Theatre and (504) 314-7761 to request access. Anyone wishing to make additions or corrections should email to:, especially if you have any programs, posters, or photos from show that are classified as having no files. The documentation covers approximately 95% of the over 800 shows the department has produced. We would love to achieve 100%.

We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

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