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Creative Industries Certificate

Level up for a world in which creatives are in control.
In New Orleans, culture means business. But what does that mean for you?

Music, film and video, publishing, heritage and preservation, and visual, culinary, and performing arts all uniquely influence the Crescent City- but their collective strength relies on thousands of freelancers and entrepreneurs, from local and global networks alike. Tulane's Creative Industries Certificate (CIC) offers a suite of classes that leverage the insider knowledge of diverse creative practitioners and industry professionals to help students build successful creative careers that can pivot and adapt at any time to remain competitive in the ever-evolving digital space. Students pursuing a CIC will create personalized strategies for successful leadership and career development within and across the creative sectors. Understanding the organization of creative sectors and jobs is fundamental to critical competencies that translate to the festival circuit, pop-up scene, digital platforms, entertainment, and beyond.

“Every professor made an intentional effort to adjust their curriculum to the creative endeavors and interests of their unique students.”

- Linnea DeVange
Student, Artist & Entrepreneur


  • Leadership for diverse teams
  • Branding and storytelling
  • Data analytics for social media
  • Crowdsourcing and creative monetization
  • Legal negotiations
  • Intellectual property and copyright

Classes are designed to fit the schedules of busy people. Spring and summer courses offered in-person and online, with a focus on in-person class meet-ups, mentorships, and industry networking opportunities. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Full and partial scholarships available.

Catalog Requirements


Tulane students are admitted through the School of Liberal Arts Summer Programs. Students outside of Tulane will be accepted through Newcomb-Tulane College Summer Programs.

For more information, contact:
Kendra Paige, Senior Program Coordinator I 504-314-7119
Leslie Scott, Creative Industries Certificate Director


  • SLAM 4010/7010: Leadership Strategies for Creative Industries
    Develop a diverse team with an eye on current struggles for equity and fairness in creative businesses.
  • SLAM 4020/7020: Branding and Storytelling for Creative Industries
    Harness branding, media, and storytelling tools to develop your public relations skills as an artist.
  • SLAM 4030/7030: Monetization of Data
    Learn how to strategically apply social media data, from effectively crowdsourcing and boosting transactions to building a successful and consistent revenue stream.
  • SLAM 4040/7040: Legal Strategies for Businesses and Creatives
    Understand legal principles, including how to develop & negotiate contracts or protect your intellectual property.
  • SLAM 4560: 1-credit Internship Class
    Sections 1-4 associated with each course listed above.
  • New courses for 2024 will include Al for Creative Industries, Creative Industries in Communities, and more!

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