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Creative Industries Certificate

The School of Liberal Arts Creative Industries Certificate (CIC) focuses on the entrepreneurial aspects of making a living as a creative professional.  Understanding the critical importance of strategy, leadership, and analytics, the certificate provides a charted path through our Strategy, Leadership, and Analytics Minor (SLAM) electives, complemented by a series of courses for working professionals in creative fields and industries.

Nobody understands the importance of flexibility and practicality more than creative professionals, so whether you meet your credit hours through coursework alone or supplement a lighter syllabus with internship experience is up to you.

This certificate was designed so that every student who completes it can walk away ready to apply leadership, data-driven decision making, branding and storytelling, and legal skills to the creative career—or self-started business—of their own future.

Learning Goals & Objectives

The goals of the certificate are:
1. To integrate the practical needs of working and aspirant creative professionals with a knowledge of leadership, strategy, analytics, and the law.
2. To prepare and inspire creative professionals as entrepreneurs.
3. To provide a joint learning and situated learning environment between creative professionals and liberal arts students.

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:
• Identify the building blocks for the organization of creative industries and creative sectors.
• Model the skills needed to develop their creative production and performance knowledge into a business.
• Create personal strategies for successful leadership and career development within creative industries or creative sectors of the economy.
• Adapt their skills to current and future crises in creative economies.



To receive the Creative Industries Certificate, undergraduate students are required to complete 12 total credits of study. This can be achieved either by (1) taking all four courses (SLAM 4010-4040) listed below, or (2) taking three of the four courses, with an optional 1-credit internship* to each class (SLAM 4560). The Creative Industries Certificate will be received upon graduation.


To receive the Creative Industries Certificate, post-graduate students must take all 4 course (or 16 hours), taking all four classes with the 1 credit internship*.

*Internships are work experiences and should be selected under the guidance of an advisor. They are designed to allow students to reflect upon, and apply, course content and knowledge. These courses are numbered as SLAM electives, to be taught by faculty affiliated with the Creative Industries Summer Program.


Tulane students are admitted through the School of Liberal Arts Summer Programs. Students outside of Tulane will be accepted through Newcomb-Tulane College Summer Programs.
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  • SLAM 4010: Leadership Strategies for Creative Industries
    Instructor: Ashley Shabankareh | 3 or 4 credits with 1-credit internship | May 30-June 30 (hybrid) | M-F 9:00-10:30 am
    Gain the perspective needed to develop—and skills needed to lead—a diverse team, and examine the creative industries through the lens of social justice and racial reconciliation.

  • SLAM 4020: Branding and Storytelling for Creative Industries
    Instructor: Nicole Robinson | 3 or 4 credits with 1-credit internship | May 30-June 30 (hybrid) | M-F 11:00-12:30 pm
    Harness branding, media and storytelling tools to develop your public relations skills as an artist, and learn how to meaningfully connect with your consumers wherever they are.

  • SLAM 4030: Monetization of Data
    Instructor: Allyson Heumann | 3 or 4 credits with 1-credit internship | July 3-August 4 (hybrid) | M-F 11:00-12:30 pm
    Learn how to use data to raise venture capital and crowdsource funding for your creative work, as well as how to boost revenue through e-commerce and engagement.

  • SLAM 4040: Legal Strategies for Businesses and Creatives
    Instructor: Wayne R. Gard | 3 or 4 credits with 1-credit internship | May 30-June 30 (hybrid) | M-F 3:00-4:30 pm
    Understand the legal principles needed to grow a successful business as a creative, including how to develop and negotiate contracts, and monetize (and protect!) your intellectual property.

  • SLAM 4560: 1-credit Internship Class
    Sections 1-4 associated with each course listed above.

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