Applying To Graduate Programs

Undergraduate training in anthropology is not a prerequisite for admission to our PhD program.

Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) is used, along with other data, to determine eligibility for admission and for receiving financial aid. Mean values of undergraduate GPA for applicants offered admission with aid for 2013 was 3.40.

Application deadline for admission to the PhD program with financial aid is December 15. Visit the School of Liberal Arts website for more information on applying to Tulane's graduate programs.

Admission to the graduate program in Anthropology requires that the applicant meet the general requirements for admission to the School of Liberal Arts Graduate Programs.

The MA Program

Tulane's Department of Anthropology does not offer an external MA program. However, students in the doctoral program may, if other requirements are met, obtain an MA degree by presenting a satisfactory thesis, by achieving outstanding performance on the qualifying examination, or by achieving doctoral candidacy. To learn more about achieving doctoral candidacy, visit our main Graduate Studies page.

4+1 Master's Program

For information about applying to our 4+1 (BS/BA + MA) Program, visit its page in our Undergraduate section.

Further Information
For further information regarding application to our graduate programs, please visit our F.A.Q. page. For any questions not answered there, contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Jason Nesbitt.